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Do You Remember The Time...

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I quite liked the old login screen, but I really like the lobby now-it makes switching worlds and also things like bonus xp weekends so much less of a hassle. In my opinion, they should add a GE function to the lobby.


I can't remember the trade limit, or anything like that :huh: . I think I was too much of a noob then to even realise it had happened.

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I want to see old home page. Show me before I die of an inguinal nostalgia.

Hooray for faking



Credits to ultimatearco :huh:


Unless you mean the 2005 one. Then you're out of luck, pal.


However, 2003 or so..





News and updates


Jagex didn't always discourage socialisation ;D


People were watching that space for a longggg time.


A shame they don't publish community stories anymore..

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Ohhh those days of being a naive noob... Somehow, those days were so simple yet just as fun as now. Nothing beats being a level 30 freeplayer doing random things in Varrock :huh:


This is kind of related - I found a site that let's you look up certain sites from different points in the past. For example, I was just looking at the Apple site from 5 years ago. Sadly, Runescape doesn't work :unsure:



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Zezima is and will always be the best.


Whoever posted that link to the wayback machine, I got this from apple.com in 1996.

Prepared for the Millennium

When 1999 rolls to 2000, many computer systems will fail, but not the Apple Macintosh. Find out why the Mac will handle dates in the 21st Century and beyond.



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