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99 Firemaking Complete! New Goals Set!


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Another Kingdom update


Gratz on 94 pyro! Check my shop for the update on your banner?

Thanks mate :D sorry I couldn't get you a good image :(

Congrats on 94 firemaking. :P I remember getting 99 Firemake on my old main, and it's not as easy as some other people think, it gets boring :D Good luck on the rest of the way to 99!

It is extremely tedious. I can't wait to finish

Congratulations on 94 firemaking. :D

Is maple/herbs better than maple/flax?

I honestly don't know about which is better :D thanks

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I'm getting 99 Firemaking!


When: Monday, September 12

Time?: 6:00 EST (5:00 Central)

Where: Seer's Village W71.


1st we will wait for all attendants to arrive... then I will get 99 firemaking!

2nd We will make our way down to the Firemaking Master and buy my skill cape!

3rd We head to "Slashed Leaf" house for a party

4th Thats about it!


Please come to congratulate me on my first 99.

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