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Yay! 3 Mining :)


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Gratz on the 6 cooking levels you skipped ;)

Slayer all from penguins?

Don't do any quests that give fishing xp :o

I don't think I skipped them... hmm.. O_O

Yeah, slayer from penguins ;) I only need 3 more points!

And thanks ;)

And I won't. And... yeah. ;)


Omg your so close to 99 slayer cooking. ;)


Good luck there.



Omg I am super close to 99 slayer cooking :D



Holy *censored word* early gratz on 99!! Pretty impressive! Dunno how people get 99 fishing, so boring/slow...Wear the cape with pride!! How much did 99 make you?

Haha! Thanks! I will wear it with pride... I love fishing :o It made me... over 40m I'm guessing overall, but since I'm cooking about 5k of rocktails for profit, I probably made more. :D


Have fun having a party without me :wizard: Unless I get 1 fm level a day :ph34r:


Goatz on 90

I will. ;) Lol I don't think you can get 1 firemaking level a day lol. O_O



grats on 98 fish and stuffs

Thank you ^_^





Levels and stuff yay

95 cooking. 94 was a freaking fast level. I got it in like 3 hours O_O Onto rocktails! I'm down to 10m cash from them, though. Luckily I make profit. :)

Next update should be in a few levels or with a party time. Or something. :)












Ty for the supports and reading my log :)


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Congrats on the many cooking levels there Kyra! These are much faster than cooking.



Thanks. And I think it should be "These are much faster than fishing"


Congratulations on 95 cooking. :wizard:

Thanks! :ph34r:


Why do all back stories seem to have a cousin in them and then the person gets hacked or gets banned? heres my back story:

A friend introduced me to the game, I still play and he does to; happy ending!

XD My cousin's aren't banned, but they did introduce me.





Levels and stuff yay


My 99 Fishing/Cooking party will be on Saturday, July 23, 2011, at 2 PM Central, which is 7 GMT or 8 in the UK. World 14, we'll meet in Lumbridge, and then go over to Draynor where I'll fish Shrimps and cook them for 99's.










Ty for the supports and reading my log :)


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Congrats on 98 Kyra! I'll be there on Saturday. :)





Hey I support you, nice skills! I might be coming to your party so watch out! ;)

Thanks for the support :ph34r:


I support!

Thank you





Levels and stuff yay

;) :o :o ;) ^_^ :) :)






Thanks to everyone that came! I false leveled a few times (people throwing confetti, people under me leveling) but it still worked out, haha.

New goals: 60+ non-combats! Updating log soon, as well.

Advice on getting the 60's I don't have welcome ;)

Ty for the supports and reading my log ;)


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