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Sal's Realm Christmas Party!

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Sal's Realm of RuneScape warmly invites you to our annual holiday party this 26th of December!

Unlike past years, we decided it would help those with busy holiday schedules or are from different timezones to treat this more informally. That means you can come and go as you please, just be there on the 26th after 7PM GMT! (Click for countdown timer)

Of course all this means we'll need to have lots of activities if you want to party into the night (or afternoon), so we would like your help. The staff has already come up with a few good ideas including Hide-and-go-Sal and a Dragon Sal Z recreation, but more can still be done! If you have thought of a game or activity in RuneScape that you want to see in action, share it with us in the Christmas Party Ideas thread and we'll be sure to go through the list as the event is live.

The party be starting out in World 62 Mudskipper Point but will likely move across Gielinor, so stay in the "Salmoneus" Clan Chat or any of the alternatives so you don't get lost! :D

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I will try to attend.

and to make things easier, just add this:


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Yay! This is going to be a great time of Christmas Cheer! :(


Also, we aren't meeting in the usual spot this year.... interesting :D

Shame on me for forgetting Mudkips Point. :D

haha just glad that it will now start at it's classical starting spot once again!! :P

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