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Gogl's quest to remax.


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grats on 92 fletch :(

Haha, thanks :P


85 Smithing, Pro-Smither status, no idea if I should try Rune. :P

I have 85/85, I'm going for 92/92+, my current goal is 85+ all, then 92+ all and then get my first 99. :D

This means: 2301 Total. :D

Skiller for life. :P


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Ohai guys, I'm back for good for well... these holidays. Since I'm really close to getting another level (75k off it), I'll post my stats up soon, or you can check them on the first page. :)

My current goals are:

99 Farming (really close)

99 Runecrafting

99 Mining

99 Herblore

99 Prayer

99 Dungeoneering

They are all really close, Herblore, Prayer and Farming especially (nearly 3/4 with all of them) but Mining, Runecrafting and Dungeoneering is nearly half way. :)

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Heya all.


Sooooooooooooo, I am back, with a different account which means different stats.

Redoing this skill log.


These are my stats!


Can't wait to do this all over again. ^_^



Edit: just completed 'Phite Club, which means I should get 90 Runecrafting. >_>

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Grats on finishing 'phite club, I haven't got enough reputation yet haha


Good to see you here again :)

Thanks! <3 It's so good to be back.


Last few days:













Hopefully in the next few days, another few Slayer levels, combat stats and some good amount of skilling levels. :)

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Hey, as a newbie I would say - nice stats! I'm still working on my but the start is a bit slow. Hm, any tips on building skill log?


Set a few goals, post lots of pictures, update often, engage the community.


A great and easy to read layout helps as well - but start small and set goals for yourself first :)

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