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Envy Vs Tcl

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Envy -vs- TCL


- 90 min PKRI

- All styles

- Spiders to east tree

- Stop to clear


So we had a prepped fight with TCL which was set up for today. Last time we fought them we lost, but we knew we should've won that one so we wanted to prove today that we really could. We had good signups, and good momentum from our weekday fights going into this fight. But we knew it wouldn't be easy still so we had to stay focused and make up for our previous few losses.


We massed up some solid numbers, which was about 120 opts as we were at mossies, and went up by lates and people catching up as we went to east tree to set up. The fight got started and from the start our styles were solid and we knew it'd have to match up to TCL's since cmb avg isnt our strongest point always. Nonetheless our blast unit stayed dedicated and we were hitting TCL pretty hard.


We gained numbers slowly whilst TCL did too, but our TS got ddos'd mid fight. TCL stopped for us (Thanks a lot unlike a certain clan last weekend). We got sorted again and were ready to fight, and so the fight resumed. It took us a while to recover from the ddos and get our main pile together, but for the last 30 minutes we koed everyone we piled and pretty much dominated.


TCL put up a great fight and we enjoyed fighting you a lot. Thanks and look forward to future fights.



Envy Starting : 135

TCL Starting : 120~ when they rushed






Envy Ending : 126 immediate (2 not falled in)

TCL Ending : 99 immediate






Pictures of the fight









No its not us getting dragged, its a death march












  • TCL for the absolute clean fight and stopping when we were ddos'd
  • TNC for the AC
  • NR Snipe unit for beasting it up
  • Thrillkill77 for getting his first fight as an applicant :wizard:
  • All envy members who performed, so proud of all of you!

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gratz on the win, i think this makes you #1 on sals!

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