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Burgh De Rott Guide

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well here i am with the Burgh de Rott guide

the latest city added to Runescape

Well lets start



Burgh the Rott is a little town in the southest part of the Morytania Realm,little South of Mort'on,east of the Haunted Mine and South west of the barrows. You can acess it once you start the quest (link)"In Aid of the Myryque".

The city will be all destroyed when you first enter and full of rats(but rats will always be there) and you won't be able to use neither the bank, general store or the furnace, but as you go more into the quest you will be able to use them.

Note: once quest is finished, every single villager will tell you the same, except of course the 3 Myryques, and the runners of the general store and bank.


Entering Burgh de Rott for the first time

To enter Burgh de Rott for the first time, you will need to deposit some food in the chest(any food). If you don't, citizens won't let you pass the gate and will throw tomatoes at you. There is another entarnce in the west side of town, but you will still need to place the food in the north entrance.Food can only be placed after you start the quest "In aid of the Myryque".





City plaza

I just gave a name to the central place of the city.

In this part of the town there is a well were you can fill your buckekts,bowls, etc. with water.

Aside of the well there is a bucket respawn, useful in Aid of the Myryque quest if you forgot your buckets.

In this place of the city you can find the point to start the "Temple" Trecking Minigame"

You will also see Florin, Elisebeta, Vacile and Razvan; the last 2 "enjoying" a fried rat.




The Pub

Here we have the pub of Burgh de Rott. In this pub they sell...actually they sell nothing, but there is a Bar pump which you can use to fill your beer glass with beer.This is free, as there is no NPC that attends the place.

To add, there are to entrance to the pub, the door one, and a broken wall in the back.



There is also a broken wall which can be climbed up to get into a trapdoor which leds to the new hide out of the Myryque.






The Myryque Hide out

The trap door in the pub leads to the new Myryque's hide out.

Inside there, we have the 3 members of the Myryque(names later).

There is also a plaque with an inscription whihc tells you some inscriptions of the ancient Morytania.

There is also a chest that if you open it and search it, it's ain infinite provition of garlic.


The members of the Myryque whihc are there, are:

Veliaf Hurtzmyryques29vp.png

Polmafi Ferdygrismyryques8jk.png

Radigan Ponfitmyques7as.png



General Store


In the Norteast of town we have the general store of Burgh De Rott.

The NPC that is at eternal duty at the shop is Aurel, and he has some good stuff at sale(sarcasm)



The store is only availbale after you fix it and supply it with merchandise.



The Bank



The Bank is located at the center of the town. It is on the charge of Cornelius to run the bank.

The bank is only available after you fix it. Soon after you fix it, Cornelius will go behind the counter.






The furnace


Then we have the furnace. The furnace is diferent than a normal furnace, it flame emitation is more bright and it has smoke arising from the top, but this is only visual as it works like any other furnace.

The furnace only works after you have repaired it.



Vapmire Juvinates field


This place is full of Vampire Juvinates, and they are extremly agresive.

To kill them you will need a blessed silver sickle, rod of ivandis(10) and guthix balance potion. More information in Vampire Juvinates Kiling guide.




The Pier


This is a good place to fish, as is it pretty close to the bank and being it pretty big it has lot's of varietys of fish, so if a spot ever disspaears you can move to another one.

Like every sea fishing spot it contains sharks, lobsters, swordfish,shrimp, and every sea fish available.

And it has friendly people(I convinced a total stranger to say "Hi sal's", now that's peaceful friendly folks :/)





well it's finished

if you ask why i didn't took pic to other charactets, it is beceause apart from those 3

all the others tell you the same except general store and bank...but we all know that

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You can only put the food under the table and chest after starting "In Aid of the Myreque"

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You can only put the food under the table and chest after starting "In Aid of the Myreque"

you're right i forgot to add that

small details slip from my mind

well ty i'll add it now


by the way

pitures coming later

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