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Cockatrice (Cockatrice.de ) is a client for playing Magic: The Gathering, a CCG (Collectible Card Game).


Been trying it out today and works great except for a few hitches here and there.

So if you're interested in MTG and want to try new decks, play games in pretty much every format, etc. then I'd check it out.

If anyone on Sal's gets into it, I'd be up for some games.

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I used to collect Magic: The Gathering cards almost 10 years ago and I knew how to play too but I've never been really good at it.

Anyway I have a lot of good memories of MTG so I'll probably check it and see if I still know how to play. :D

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I do not get the concept of this game ._. at all. all i know is yugioh from years ago..

Think YuGiOh but more complicated, I'd say it's definately more strategy based.

I collected YuGiOh card... i dont play them XD

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