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Very nice royal bolts investment!! I wish I would have done the same but I didn't really follow the changes in EOC enough to know they would be as good as they are. You should post more merches/investments.

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I felt like doing some staking, something that I've never seriously tried before (never more than 5m at a time), and here's my account of what happened:


Warning: Wall of Text



I arrive at the duel arena, and start off by challenging someone who wanted to box for 2m. 5 minutes later, I realized why people don't box anymore: it takes freakin' FOREVER, with everyone having a base 3960hp while attacks can only do up to 99 (I think? Actually it might have been even less) damage. When my opponent was at 14% hp left, I was down to 270/3960 hp. I wanted to just forfeit at that point to avoid watching my slow and agonizingly unavoidable death, but I decided to just stay in. Unfortunately, I lost as expected, but I didn't think much of it and kept going because it was just 2m.


I then accept a challenge for a weapon+shield match with abilities on, and lost due to my lack of skill with the new combat system. Honestly, I think my opponent had over 60% hp remaining when I died. There goes another mil.


Feeling quite distraught, at this point I decide to look for only luck-based matches - that is, rapier-only stakes without abilities on. I find a challenge for 20m and we enter the arena. Immediately I noticed that something was wrong, when I saw my opponent do something weird, turning to the side and making some puff of smoke appear before the fight started. He alternated weapons between statius warhammer, rapier, and vine whip, which I thought was odd but I guess that might have been a legitimate strategy because the weapons should have passive effects that he wanted to use, right? I won the duel, then he immediately challenges me to a rematch for 30m, which I narrowly lost.


I suspected that he was using some sort of trick, so I took extra care in checking the rules before beginning the match - they were all fine. Once again he did the puff of smoke thing, and I had no idea what effect it had. I lost the duel for another 30m, and was challenged to another rematch. I declined, accusing him of bug abuse. He offered to tell me the trick he used in return for 10m, but I just declined and reported - I never do any bug abuse if it gives a major advantage in the game, and besides, he probably would just take the money and run.


I saw someone with only 198 combat wanting to box for 30m - seeing this as a nice advantage for me, I challenged him. However, I immediately noticed that he had turned on "enable summoning" as well as having the torso spot on. I proceeded to turn them off, and he immediately declined the stake and continued to say "boxing 30m" as if nothing had happened. I run to the bank to grab a steel titan and verac's brassard in order to face him on equal grounds - unfortunately, he declined the stake again.


After a while, I challenged someone else to a rapier match, but he offered full bandos and saradomin's hiss instead of cash. I declined, suspecting this to be a scam due to the items crashing in price. He continued to follow me around claiming that he had "just bought" the bandos and that they are at about market price.


Ignoring the obvious scammers, there were not many people left that wanted to stake. I ended up challenging someone who was staking 40m because no one else was staking for less than that.


He started the match resting with the "zen resting" animation, which alarmed me into thinking that he was most likely bug abusing too. I was pretty sure that we hit each other simultaneously at the start of the match, but at the end, he switched to vine whip and killed me before my own hit landed (opponent was at about 400hp left so I might have been able to kill him). At this point I was extremely frustrated, especially since I had no idea whether I lost the last match due to bug abuse or simply PID and that I was down 80m from what I started with.


I was like "screw it" and decided to just blow 20m so that if I did lose, I'd be down 100m and never stake again.


I challenged someone who was staking 20m, and before he accepted the challenge, he told me to show my inventory. I asked why, and he said that he had lost 100m to bug abusers by some sort of stalling glitch. I was intrigued, so I banked my stuff before I showed my inv and challenged him (going directly from trade screen to staking screen so there was no opportunity to pick stuff up from the ground in the time inbetween). He told me he wanted a rematch, win or lose.


I lost the match.


I originally intended to just leave, but at this point I was pretty addicted - and my opponent seemed to be someone that played fair. I accepted a rematch for 20m, and lo and behold, I won. Following that, I won the next rematch against him for 30m, then the next for 40m, which I very narrowly won (my hp was below 50 when I koed my opponent).


I was challenged to another rematch for 50m. I told him no, I wanted to quit while I was ahead. However, before I knew it I was tempted back into the arena for what we agreed to be the "final match".


To my own surprise, I won the 50m.


He told me to clean him for 100m, all he had left. I said no, I do not want to gamble again, and began to run toward the bank. He followed me the whole way, pleading for a rematch.


I adamantly refused to stake him again, although I did feel incredibly guilty.



After I few minutes, I logged out, to keep the dirtiest 40m I've ever made in my entire rs career. By probability, I never should have walked out with a net profit at all, let alone such a large amount. In my mind, I wanted to justify it as being "compensation" for having been taken advantage of by bug abusers, but I could not alleviate the guilt. My final opponent never tried to scam me or bug abuse, and he had no connection with the others who did. While I profited 40m, I deprived a completely legitimate player of 120m.


So, in conclusion?


I never wish to gamble again. I bet that some time in the future I'll be tempted to stake again, but I hope I'll be able to resist that urge.







The "Festive" aura means that I finally have some motivation to train hunt. The fact that bonus xp from it is capped at 50k is just right for the 30 mins it lasts, for hunting. It's fairly difficult to reach 100k hunt xp per 30 mins before the boost, so I like how it's a race against the clock to see if I can get the full 50k of bonus xp every time I use it.


Also, hunting is so boring that it's hard to stay there for more than 30 minutes at a time anyway.............


On dec 1 I got 150k/150k hunt xp

On dec 2 I got 142k/150k (damn)



I happened to have a bonus familiarisation ticket from SoF a while ago, so I decided to take advantage of the double drops in chaos tunnels today. The multipliers stack to give a massive 6x charm drop rate.



After 40 minutes:




Well, it feels pretty amazing to get over 2k crims in less than 2 hours, but that's not really going to do anything for me considering that I'm already way past 99 summon...

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I made a mistake while cooking and ended up permanently losing my ability to have both cooking and goldsmith gauntlets at the same time. Damn.



Also, I ended with a decent flip without even meaning to (I was originally planning on cooking these rocktails)






Hunting is no longer my lowest skill anymore!


but look how much ****ing lag there was...


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Congrats on the hunter level! Hunter is indeed boring.. I have been using the Festive aura on agility but I think I may switch over to hunter. The thought of getting around 150k daily hunter experience sounds pretty nice, and the aura is good motivation to train such a crappy skill. Keep it up!!


Side note: Staking will haunt you. It may be a few days, it may be months, but a little voice in the back of your head will tell you to go back.

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best ship names ever



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What's tough?

Duhuhuhuhuuhuhuhuhuhuuuuuuuude, NICE!!!! (to top it off, 606M!!!!!)

Oh right, I forgot to mention, I permanently sold my Virtus top+bottom a while ago - I think it was something like 2 days before the double loot weekend. At the time I was cursing myself for not having waited a bit longer, because I could have made a lot more if I had waited until the double loot weekend was announced (or I could have used it to actually go nexing, because ppl mage Nex now).


However, it turns out that selling at that time was not such a bad idea. Ever since that double loot weekend, the price of nex items have been crashing hard, and even further after PoP was released (cuz lv85 armour obviously).


I originally bought my virtus top for around 80m, months ago.

I sold my virtus top for about 100m, and now the street value is about 38m according to "nex and ss" (GE values are not accurate for high-value, low-volume items)

During the first day of the double loot weekend I think the street value was about 150m.


While I didn't make as much as I could have, I'm not complaining - after all, I didn't wait until the price dropped to 38m.


STILL haven't managed to sell my 2 Arcane shields for 50m ea (the price I originally bought for) and they're down to 35m each... not sure whether to just take the hit or continue holding them.


By the way, the cheapest party hat is still well over twice my net worth :(







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C2 fishing does not give any bonus xp this weekend fk Jagex

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