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Sal's Pest Control Event - Take 2!


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The Void Knights want YOU...


Aye - the Void Knights are again in need of Sal's help. Come with us this Sunday for another round with the Pests, and this time, Sal doesn't have Runecrafting levels holding him back! Get your set of void; work on those elusive Hybrid Boots (for more on the subject of their elusiveness, please contact Gocart).



Sal's Pest Control


Time and Place

World: Good ol' 71

Time: 7 PM GMT / 8 PM BST, Sunday October 23rd


What is Pest Control?

Pest Control is a safe minigame, in which you must defend the void knight from the invading Pests, whilst simultaneously destroying the Void Portals as their shields are lowered by the Void Knight.


What Levels and Items do I need?

This event is member's only, and is available to anyone with a combat level of 40+. This is as all games will be played in the Novice boat for a broader spectrum of inclusion (and chance of winning).


The only items you will need are your combat gear. Food & Potions are not required but may be used if you so desire.


So, where is this wondrous event?

The Void Knight's Outpost can be accessed by boarding the lander, by interacting with the Void Knight standing on one of the southernmost docks of Port Sarim.



Hope we can have a great turnout like the last Pest Control event we did. :(



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I couldn't make it -- something came up at the last minute. :D Sorry guys! How was the event?

Didn't go as long as I had hoped, but we did get a good hour of Pest Control in. :(


Didn't get boots during it though liked I hoped. :P At about 425/500 games for the first pair.



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