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Recent Developments - Moving On From Bots

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Why have you put an end to RSBuddy’s bot client?


Bots have changed the gameplay of RuneScape. With the use of bots becoming increasingly widespread since the introduction of free trade, and the recent announcements by Jagex, it is clear that bots have become flagrantly detrimental to the game. If you’re like any of us and you enjoy playing RuneScape, you’ll have noticed that bots are anti-social and make the time you spend playing feel diminished in worth. At the same time, bots are abused heavily by gold farmers to ruin the game to a significant extent only for their profit. We hope to assist in the selfless movement by Jagex in fixing this problem and hope that you will join us in playing the game with real people.


To some this will seem like a quick change of heart. See my interview with ******* on YouTube.


Is this the end of all botting in RuneScape?


Yes. I am confident that you will not see the return of major bot clients to RuneScape, and that the small number of simple 'auto-clickers' and 'screen-scrapers' that remain will be dealt with very soon.


Another bot site says they’ll be up soon; why shouldn’t we believe them?


The other bot sites out there may claim for a bit longer that they will fix their bots within the next few days or weeks: Had I decided to release RSBuddy 1.5 to the public, it would have required another overhaul just a few days later. The fact that no other botting sites had any update ready by the end of last week shows how exceedingly far behind they are. Don’t hold your breath.


I know another huge MMO that hasn’t dealt with bots; what makes RuneScape different?


Removing bots from the game requires both commercial investment and the time of talented developers with other updates to work on. I haven’t seen any other company willing to take that hit; it requires a huge amount of care for the game we’re here for.


*some stuff about bots that no one here needs to read*


This is the end for bots, not for you!


It’s not only you that doesn’t have a bot client to use. RuneScape is a social game for humans to play. If you feel that there was anything botting did to keep you interested in the game, please join the discussion of what updates would remove any need for them.


There you have it, from the horse's mouth. Botting is dead. Jacmob is a very adept coder, seeing as he is responsible for the best, most stable bot client of all time. I'd take this post very seriously.

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