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Katagon Pickaxe

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Name:Katagon pickaxe

Picture: kgmVb.gif

Type of Item (see below): Dungeoneering

Tradeable?: Yes

Quest Item?: No

Members Only?: Yes

Shop Selling Price (how much you buy it for): N/A


High Alch: 3030

Low Alch:2020

Item Specific Details (any requirements or other details): Requires 70 attack to wield, and 70 mining to use to mine ore.

Examine Description: A pickaxe for mining. (Tier 8)

Location/How to Obtain: Obtained from monster drops, smuggler's table, using 1 katagon bar on a anvil or traded from other players.

Stats & Effects: Attack: Stab: +50 Slash: -2 Crush: +48

Defence: Slash: +1

Other: Strength: +57.0 Attack Rate: Slow Weight: 2.7kg

Common Names & Keywords: Kata pick, t8 pick

Contributors: Jacky

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