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Wicked Hood

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Name: Wicked Hood

Picture: MXjKL.gif

Type of Item: Runecrafting

Tradeable?: No

Quest Item?: No

Members Only?: No

Shop Selling Price: Unsellable

GE ID: Untradeable

High Alch: Unalchable

Low Alch: Unalchable

Item Specific Details: The wicked hood offers a few daily services, it can teleport you to a runecrafting altar twice a day, give you 100 free Rune Essence and give up to 100 elemental, mind or body runes or up to 5 other runes. To be able to teleport to the altars or obtain runes you need to feed it the corresponding talisman or tiara first (are staves possible???). Feeding it an Elemental Talisman (does what exactly???). Feeding it an Omni Talisman or Tiara acts as feeding it all the talismen (except for the elemental) and upgrades the obtain essence option to recieve pure instead of rune essence. Teleporting places you next to the entrance of the altar, except for the choas altar which will skip the maze inside and place you at the actual chaos altar. It is advisable to use the make essence option while being inside an altar so that you have 100 free essence without using any inventory space. The wicked hood is also useful in quests like the Priest in Peril to carry the required essence to Drezel. After the update of the RuneSpan it now offers free teleports to the Wizard's tower (with a bank chest a few steps away).

Examine Description: A menacing, magical hood which conjures runes and rune essence.

Location/How to Obtain: Obtained from Tam McGrubor (located in Burthope, east of the agility course).

Stats & Effects: Attack: +3 Magic; Defence: +3 Magic

Common Names & Keywords: Wicked Hat, RuneCrafting Hood

Contributors: Roy, Star

Edited by Roy

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May i be so rude to add this? Ofcourse you may formulate (or deny to add) it as you will, as I'm not good at such things. :D



Alot of people bring their pouches and fill them with pure essence, aswell as their inventory. Since the wicked hood has 2 teleports one should be used to nature runes or w/e you prefer to use the pure essence at. Then you teleport to an altar which only uses rune essence to convert the 100 rune essence into a certain kind of rune. :(




Also, you only get 5 natures if you pick nature runes.

You only get 5 laws if you pick law runes.

Edited by Star

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