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Sal's Skill Competitions are back and revamped. Enter now and show your skills as the greatest RS Warrior in Sal's.


POLL VOTING STAGE OVER - Event will be held on on February 17th 2012 at 12:01 AM and end on Feb 18th 11:59 PM, both times are in EST.


Skill is MINING.






Voting Stage:


You may vote on the when the competition will be going on. Voting will end on February 4th.

You may vote on which skill you want the competition to be on. Voting will end on February 6th.


How To Enter:


Fill out this simple application form.


Forum Name:
RuneScape Name:




No Effigies

No Penguin Points

No Exp Lamps

No Quest Rewards

No Exp Boosting Items such as Sacred Clay.


How To Win:


Player with the most amount of exp during the competition will be the winner, forever listed in the Sal's Comp Hall of Fame.




1st Place listed in the Sal's Competition Hall of Fame and forever engraved in our hearts as one of the greatest RS Warriors of all time.

Cash Prizes for the top three finishers.

Signatures for the top three finishers

Custom Member Titles for the top three finishers


List Of Participants:


Forum Name: Dimosthimise

RuneScape Name: Dimosthimise

Member/F2P: Member


Forum Name: Bla ke

RuneScape Name: Bllake

Member/F2P: Memburs


Forum Name: Entrility

RuneScape Name: Entrility

Member/F2P: F2p


Forum Name: Kemosabe

RuneScape Name: Kemotherapy

Member/F2P: P2P


Forum Name:Erebus

RuneScape Name:Lord Erebus



Forum Name: Fabio

RuneScape Name: Fabio

Member/F2P: Member between 17-18 Feb, F2P 24-25 Feb


Forum Name: Benn0

RuneScape Name:Benn0



Forum Name: Sub

RuneScape Name: Psub

Member/F2P: Member


Forum Name: Woody

RuneScape Name: One Woody

Member/F2P: Member


Forum Name: Micael Fatia

RuneScape Name: Micael Fatia

Member/F2P: Member


Forum Name: Lonely

RuneScape Name: Wolfa

Member/F2P: Member


Forum Name: Dei Wei

RuneScape Name: Dei Wei

Member/F2P: P2P


Forum Name: Jacky

RuneScape Name: NN5

Member/F2P: P2P


Forum Name: Sk8skull

Runescape Name: Sk8skull

Member/F2P: Member


Forum Name: -Leaf-

RuneScape Name: Leafyy

Member/F2P: Member


Forum Name: Kemosabe

RuneScape Name: Palmoneus

Member/F2P: F2P


Forum Name: Smylie86

RuneScape Name: Smylie86

Member/F2P: Member


Forum Name: Aabid

RuneScape Name: Trois

Member/F2P: F2P


Forum Name: Helm Lardar

RuneScape Name: Helm Lardar

Member/F2P: Member

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I'll join only if it's fishing, agil, or combat.

Why? It's not like you're being forced to train the skill if you sign up. You might have a change of heart midway through the competition.

a "change of heart" is different from being 100% certain already that I will not be training any of the other skills at that time.

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