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Merch Gwyar

Spirit Tree Tick - How long?




I have a spirit tree, which was planted on Tuesday evening, close to midnight. It takes about 2.5 days to grow, but if you log out, you reset the current tick. I've been on three times in the interim, though two of them involved hopping, so might have reset in quick succession.


It wasn't grown at 11am this morning. I'm scared to log on and check right now, for fear of resetting the tick during bonus xp weekend; but this is my starting point.


Does anyone know how long a spirit tree tick takes? This was the scene at 11am this morning (nearly 2 hours ago);





Does that look like it's in the final tick?




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http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Spirit_seed is probably your friend. The ticks are 320 mins long, and there are 11 of them, so roughly 58 hours.




These are the last three ticks. According to the page, The spirit tree has grown another knob on the trunk which will eventually become its nose. The tree is larger in all respects, and its branches are growing out to the sides more. (9), The spirit tree canopy shifts the angle its inclining towards, and its branches are almost parallel to the ground. The nose is more defined, and the tree is slightly larger. (10) The spirit tree branches are slightly angling towards the ground, and it is slightly larger than before. (11)


At the end it'll look like this:



Judging by your picture, I'd say it looks like tick number 9. You've got 320*3 minutes left, that is 960 minutes, that is 16 hours. Good luck!

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D: Looking at those pictures, I'd have to agree. That's taking a very long time then. If I planted on Tuesday evening, they had all day Wednesday and Thursday (with one possible log out tick reset during the evening), plus up to 11am today. :/


The calculations sound like it won't be ready until tomorrow. ;_;


Edit: 6pm It looks like this now:



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