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Favourite childhood toy?!


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Hell I missed that.


I remember one person had one of the card holder things that go on the arm and he brought it to school.

He was like coolest kid

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Incredibly original, but a teddy bear. Even more original, a brown one.


His name's Baby, for some reason. I used to take him EVERYWHERE I went, and I can still faintly recall from when I was 2/3 years old in Spain and I lost him. I refused to drink my milk or do anything, then I found him :wub: . So many memories with him.


He's been replaced with Snowman though. Sorry Baby.

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Lego's, Pokemon Cards, Beyblades


And my personal favourite,


The outside.

i miss being able to sit on a swing without my feet touching the ground :(


Eh, I miss warm weather.


You can't play outside for 95% of the time in England ;-;

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Micro Machines were my favorite by far.

Friends and I each had tons of them and we'd have massive "wars" that took over the whole house ;p


I got somewhat into Pokemon but I was never an addict. I prefferred going back into the woods and banging away with cap guns at friend and more outside amusements ;p

Then of course, the usual lego's etc. And there were the few random fazes like pogs etc.





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I used to play lego


I didnt want to build nice buildings because I was going to destroy them anyways, so every time I played with legos the "junkyard" would be the center of what I was doing. I built a nice 3 story building with realistic supports once, I decided to make it the headquarters of one of two factions for what I was doing and it ended up being destroyed

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I remember my brother and I used to make these ridiculous things out of Legos. My friends down the street had them to and we used to go over there and literally fill entire rooms with multistory Lego towns. Those were the good days. :)

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