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Screenshot Fake CYOA: Anew Hope - July 31st

Please read the CYOA before voting.  

  1. 1. What happens next?

    • A. If Legend of Zelda has taught you anything, it's that you strike the coins back at him
    • B. You shoot even more coins at him to counter those coming at you, while also charging at him because this option would be boring otherwise
    • C. You blow up a gum bubble as quickly as possible, hoping to use it as a shield against the coins

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500th reply l0l00l


Voted C.

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I don't blame myself that this isn't updated; one vote isn't enough! I might have to start kidnapping soon.


UPDATE GET. Also, I'm making the date American and not-American neutral.

Edited by Guitarguy

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I forgot the plot.

Me too.


All right, the story isn't meant to be very intensive. Just gotta keep track of who's the bad guy and such. So you're you, and you get drafted to fight in the God Wars for Saradomin (this takes place in an alternate reality starting with the dawn of the Sixth Age, in which Saradomin and Zamorak are at war). Your friend Cod, fortunately, creates a device that enables you to temporarily teleport to his laboratory in order to attain special devices (counterfeit machine, strident gum, etc.). You go, meet some friends like Lucius, Hecate, Sagitta, guy with the mohawk. After various events, you find out that the general of your unit, Paronomazein, is actually a Zamorakian in disguise. Your whole unit is slain besides you, Lucius, mohawk guy, Sagitta, and later found out, Hecate. Oh, and you meet a guy named Bumptius one time. So then, you all go to slay Paronomazein. You defeat him in battle, but let him escape in order to save Lucius, who suffered from a dangerous wound. After that, you find out that there's five of these bosses, names the Elite Five. In short, you go and slay the next one, Brian, suffering both Sagitta and Hecate in the process. You, Lucius, and guy with mohawk meet Caleb on your journey to slay the next boss, Athemis. You eventually make it to his fortress, meet Bumptius again, accidentally murder the guy with the mohawk, and finally confront Athemis. <-- You are here.


I think I'll update this.

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