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*slithers out from behind rock* Howdee


My join date is misleading cuz i forgot my first account's password and that email account got deleted and made dis one.

Which Xaria reprimanded me for =P

Actually she just mildly scoffed at you


Had you gotten a reprimand from her, they'd be still retrieving pieces of your corpse

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Let me guess: I'm the newest person to be in this thread. I'm literally just posting here to check the account age.


EDIT: Hahaa...3 years! I'm not as much of a "newfag" as I thought.


You're still a newfag.




its okay hes a newfag too

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14 hours ago, Adam? said:

I should get a million warns

At least 537 warns, if one week per warning was the limit to receive one. Actually, when thinking about it, a bump was a verbal, so that would mean it would be 268 warnings and a verbal. 

TL;DR: Weaksauce. Come back in 20,000 years. :cute: 

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