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Sir Vough

First time at Jad


So it's my first time at Jad, and I need some knowledge from salmons that have done this before.


I'm combat level 96


45 summoning

71 range

71 mage

73 attack

75 def

71 strength

78 constitution

62 prayer


Should I use a familiar? What's the best inventory/armor I should use? Any other tips? Do you know any good guides? Money isn't really a problem, but nothing too extravagant, please. Are there any things I should be careful of?



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Just thought i'd point out that you cant use familiars at Fight Caves.


Range would probably be the best method.

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The RS Wiki guide is quite good. I haven't checked it recently, but you should find details dedicated to strategies for different inventories. Also, have a read of the details of the monsters so you're familiar with dealing with them at higher stages e.g. it is important to dispose of certain types before others (based on their effect on the combat)

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