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Dual Crossbows?



So New combat will allow dual-wielding... Just wondering if even dual wielding Crossbows with bronze bolts will have at least attack damage comparable to the efficiency of Maple Shortbows? On a Free-To-Play Standpoint?

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It is not clear that duel wield will be available to f2p.

To answer your question, no.


Maple shortbow has hit bonus of 300

Damage (with 99 range) = 691 with addy arrows and 603 with mithril arrow.


Bronze crossbow has a hit bonus of 10, so does offhand bronze crossbow.

Damage (with 99 range) = 210 with bronze bolts 141 for crossbow plus 70 for the offhand crossbow)


I had green dragonhide on at the time. I do not know if that makes a difference.

If you do not have 99 range, subtract 99 from the damage. Then add your range level.

(I think so anyway as I had 99 damage with no weapon equipped)

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I cannot find where I read that f2p will not get all the abilities.

And that the abilities f2p will not get are the dual wield abilities.

Maybe that will change I do not know.


But 2 hand weapons and 1 hand weapons plus shield have a lot of nice abilities.

Since there are no powerful weapons in f2p, defense abilities may be too overpowering.

I don't know - no one wanted to test the f2p things in beta.

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