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How to get rid of watermark?

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I have a picture that I don't really like the watermark or the signature on the picture and I want to take it out. I'm not really sure how to though. First off, is it even possible to take it off without the help of the original person who put it on? If so, could anyone perhaps do it for me or direct me in how I can do it myself? I'm not using the picture for any type of commercial use, it's just for my personal use in a small collage i'm making. Thank you.


(I want the top left and bottom right words taken out)


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Try taking a look at this guide for Photoshop and Gimp: http://www.instantfundas.com/2010/04/how-to-remove-watermark-from-image-or.html




Or, if you wanna do it quickly, you could just paint over the watermark with the same colour of purple in the background but it probably wouldn't look that as great. Hope this helped.

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