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The Grand new fake topic

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It has come to my attention that 'aw holla gurl wha'appened to da gran' new fake yo?'


We did quite a bit of work on that.

Put in a lot of time and effort.


And then it just...

stopped ;o


I've realized now that it's too inactive to start it up again. But we (Guitarguy mainly) did a lot of sprite work and theres a lot of material there.

But the problem was the background!!


I wish we had finished the project :(


all the way on page 4 :(



It was pretty fun working on it for what I remember. I enjoyed my time trying to make sprites and stuff.

And it got the section partially active for a bit.

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The only group fake that wasn't 99% Made by Wolfie ©.


That shizzle was fun. Thanks to impatient Iaza some of the sprites' animations have disappeared from existence, but that won't be hard to re-do.

Only problem is I'm not really sure how the whole idea is going to work (we were going to do some animation game flash thingy shizzlewhat?), so all I can do is make pretty sprite animations. We ought to elect a dictator.

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Well we know Kyra is pretty handy in flash now, at least I think so. There was that thread with the signature that Kyra made and it was all like awesome


and yeah I noticed laza removed images, luckily the bit where you posted each individual picture of said animations are still there :)

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