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Diamond in the Rough Quest Guide!

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Hey all! I'd just like to let you all know that our Diamond in the Rough quest guide is now online, with a very detailed and helpful walkthrough to help get you through the quest! Be sure to check it out! Many thanks goes to Twist of Fate for writing this great guide for us! :ice:

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There are a couple of things missing in the guide. (at least) two places has hidden rewards.




In the Scabaras part: With 80 mining you can mine a crack for 20,000 mining xp (clana ava give bonus, maybe other bonus items too). This open a cavern with Scaraabs Mask, and Was.


In the Apmeken part you can "climb exit" for 20,000 agility xp (with 80 agility), to a secret room. You will end up in a location with two other uniques items.


These can be finished after the quest has been completed too. Just climb down the hole west of the kalphite entrance for Scarabas and track back to where you fell through the quicksand, There is a entrance to climb in the monkey colony (after Do No Evil) for the second reward.





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