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A couple 99's

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Got a couple 99's over a month, but was too lazy to post them until now.


99 Herb:



I speculated another BXP would be held on September, so i bought enough torstols for 99 since June. Turns out they weren't gonna make any more BXP. Yeah right, H'ween DXP. Was enough for me to get 99 though.



Thank you to Beast V3, Boolay, Gaspard, Sippy, Warty and Wingzero for coming!







No thanks, i like my current outfit :P







Had a really ambitious goal. To get 99 Slayer! I decided that if i wanted to go for it, i wanted the best possible gear. Fire cape just wasn't good enough, i had to go a step further! So when i finally finished my exams, it was time for me to attempt Fight Kiln! 1 try, 1 cape :D



Onwards to 99 Slayer!




99 Strength:



On the road to 99 slayer, max melee is inevitable. I was slaying nechs in CT with titan, got a bit carried off (since titan is REALLY annoying). Forgot that i was near 99 strength! Got it accidentally, alone :(


Oh, with this, i'm now max melee. And, 138 combat! :D





Now who doesnt like a cape that *everyone* has!



Bro do i even lift? Yeah now i do.




99 Slayer:



Jagex had to surprise me. While on my path to 99 Slay, they decided to release EoC. On 20th. With only 10 days, i had to push forward! Grind! Hours after hours, days after days, i juuuuuuuuuusssssssssssttttttt managed to get to 98 on 19th November. So close, so far? Nope, i decided to dump my promissory note xp into Slayer. Tadaaaaaaa! 99 Slayer before EoC :D



Thanks to Bwauder, Dragunzar, Sippy, Warty and Wayn for coming!



Gazer! I can kill Soulgazers now! Hex, anyone?





Dieeeeee, turoth!!




99 Summoning:



Over the course of 99 slayer, anyone will definitely get loads of charms. I did, too. What else can you do with charms? 99 #10 by the way.



Thanks to Bwauder, Invoker and Warty for coming!



Got myself a new friend, Steel Titan! Unfortunately he came a bit too late, cant use him to slay :(



Yet another cape...





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A couple of expensive 99s there! :rich: Congrats though; they just keep coming! :D

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Gratz willy, made it there for a couple of them

Nearly time for that max cape so I don't have to keep embarassing you @ those parties :P

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I know I am a bit late for this, but congrats on all the 99s, Wilson!! How was your luck with getting the kiln cape?

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