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Samsung Android Phone Memory Acting Weird

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I currently am using a Samsung galaxy exhilarate phone and I'm having some trouble with the memory. The phone has an internal memory of I think 4gb so I bought a 32gb microsd to make up for it. The problem is that there are some things that I can't move onto the sd and so a good amount of the internal is used. But when I look at the storage settings, it splits my internal memory into two for some reason so each has like 1.5gb of memory. For some reason, everything on the internal memory is being put it only one of those 1.5gb categories. I can't take pictures now because it says there isn't enough memory and I can't move some stuff to the other half of the internal memory which has a good 700mb available as opposed to the 40mb one that is only used. I typed a lot but any kind of info can help, thank you. If any other info is needed let me know



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