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Name of Monster: Spellwisp

Examination: A slightly magical cloud

Picture(s) of Monster:


Need Transparency

Type of Monster: Unkown (see below)

Level: 26

Life Points: 650

Drops: Impious Ashes (100%), Coins (1,2, 18), Wizard hat, Wizard Robe top, Earth Rune (5, 12), Air Rune (5, 12), Chaos Runes (2), Fire Rune (5,12), Water Rune (5, 12), Body Rune (5, 12), Nature Rune (2), Water Talisman, Mind Talisman, Staff,

Primary Locations: Directly west of Wizard's Tower

Description: Attack with magic. Weak to all forms of range, in particular arrows. Primary form of combat training around the Wizard's Guild.

Contributors: Sobend




Just came out with new update. I don't know what type of monster this is. I would normally say elemental but it drops ashes 100% like a demon. Need transparency and members drops. Right now I have pretty much all of the non-super rare freeplay drops (which may be all of the freeplay drops).

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