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Overall a pretty good guide but you left out a few things.

Golden mining suit, this give 2.5% bonus exp and the body acts like varrock armour.

For the ability bar dropping items is fastest if you hold down the hot key.

You should be using urns at all levels providing you have the required level to craft them.

For mining granite using the enchanted water tiara is an alternative to waterskins and doesn't take up invent space.

You forgot to mention the lrc worlds.

For mining rune ess using pouches and essence carrying familiar will speed up exp per hour.

For mining coal for profit a coal bag will help.

Also using juju mining potions, will give you the chance to bank ores after mining so you can spend less time banking or make a small profit when you are powermining.


This a good guide and I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

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An additional information you should add is the experience rate, so players could compare which is the best method they should use! Overall a good guide, and as Dei Wei said, Golden Mining Suit grants you extra 2.5%

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pretty sure mining suit was buffed to 5% not too long ago! (even better reason to get it)


It was buffed to 5% back in September. I must have missed that little update.

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