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The last person to post here wins


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On 5/5/2021 at 4:05 PM, Yuanrang said:

Due to unforseen expenses, all prices are cancelled, and you can all abandon this thread now. 

No. By the way, I would like to voice my support of renaming this entire forum: Sal's -insert "The last person to post here wins" here- Forums. Perhaps this is seemingly pointless seeing as how I have already won, but still. 

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My D&D group had their last session ending with the Cleric imprisoned and awaiting trial, so I was curious how this session would go. I predicted 8 outcomes on what they would do in this situation.

I failed to forsee the 9th outcome: Attend the trial, then the Arcane Trickster gets caught trying to cast spells in the courtroom.


My D&D group have their next session starting with the Cleric and the Rogue imprisoned and awaiting execution. :blink:

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