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TheEdBoys are going to be posting videos about what monsters you should fight while training combat if you're trying to also gain summoning exp. Keep in mind this guide is not about the most charms per hour, but if you;re just trying to do normal combat these are the guys to fight, Here is the intro video.


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If you're still killing waterfiends for crimson charms, you're doing it wrong. Rock barraging Dagannoths in the Waterbirth island dungeon is alot faster. With a demonhorn (or another dungeoneering prayer necklace reward) and a bonecrusher, you can constantly pray torment and soulsplit without worrying about restoring pray points or having to eat.

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I know that waterfiends are not the quickest way to collect charms, but if you read the description than you'll notice the point of this guide is for normal combat training like melee, range, or mage. Not special barraging methods or cannons and stuff like that

Apart from the barraging daggannoths is the best magic and defence training in the game and it isn't that expensive, it is the best way to collect charms.

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