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Darkness of Hallowvale, RS07 Quests & Site Poll

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Hey guys! A few site updates have arrived. first, our Darkness of Hallowvale guide has been updated to include new info, pictures, and should be easier for players to use. Thanks to Fire Wolf737 for this much needed update! Also we have another dozen RuneScape 2007 quest guides online, from Animal Magnetism to Creature of Fenkenstrain. More are on the way! :)


There's also a new poll on the main site, suggested by Heb0: "Now that Jagex has released Old School RuneScape 2007, which version of the game will you be playing?" I'd appreciate it if you would vote in our poll, as it will give me an idea of how much people enjoy the old game (and therefore how much time to put into adding old content back to the site). Thanks! :D

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awesome, the guy who made that darkness of hallowvale guide is a genius!! :laughroll:


lol joking aside, I am happy to give something back to this wonderful community that has helped me go through quests for all these years.





regarding the 2007 servers, I guess I would also go back but I have not been on runescape lately so I really don't know how bad the combat update really is... it all depends on that.

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