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#CuttingForBieber - 07


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Awesome on the axe, I didn't know they were so expensive now! Also, congrats on 80 Woodcutting. 1/6 of the way there, not bad at all. First one in Sal's to an Old School 99?


nah sellador will pass me in hunter now that he can do chins :P




I made this for world 1 + 2 sales


If you have and additions or would like to make some comments you can post here










this as well

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I'd give you an A on the map lol, pretty accurate for as much as I've seen. And congrats on the Woodcutting too! :D


Thank you!


also i had some spare cash.....









Just sal tweetin me up. No big deal :P







******* love my magic tree.

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