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Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the first old school poll.


The only one I feel strongly about is #2, where I'm definitely voting "no" to preserve that old school feel. Also thinking of voting "no" on #9.


Here's the poll (proposals need to reach 75% "yes" in order to pass):


1. The Easter 2007 event is re-activated for Easter this year.

2. ‘Unidentified herbs’ are changed to become ‘grimy <herbname>’.

3. A command is added to toggle the visibility of roofs on and off.

4. On the log-in screen, pressing the 'enter' key initiates the log-in attempt.

5.Pressing the 'tab' key starts a reply to your last incoming private message.

6. Right-click on a private message to start replying to it.

7. Worlds are made available so PKers can fight with free-to-play gear limits. (NB: membership is still required)

8. Your run-mode setting is remembered across log-ins.

9. Left-click on bank booths for direct access to your bank.

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I checked 'No' to several questions and I don't care about most of them, but #2 should really fail. Hoping for restricted F2P worlds; #9 is just a begining to easyscape again - which I do not want.

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I'd like the holiday events back. It was just something i always looked forward to and I did them regardless of if I was active at the time. I definitely don't want grimy herbs, I'm okay with unids. 3 through 6 I don't know why you wouldn't vote yes for, they don't effect the actual gameplay except 3, and those roofs are just annoying. I'm not going to use the free to play pking worldworld's but I voted yes for anyone that would want to.

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I voted no for #2 and #7. I didn't understand why ppl would want f2p pking at the time, but now I kind of can see why after talking to a few ppl. I kind of wasn't sure about #9 but I voted yes for it anyways cause it would be nice to have. I'm glad we'll probably be keeping the unids, because I just like the mystery of it, it just seems more fun that way.

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