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hay guize

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I'm back to grab one of my old posts to use for a school assignment.


Figured I'd say Hi, and goodbye to everyone.


Mucho love for all the fun throughout the years, guys. I still have 20M or so on my RS account that I intend to give away at some point in time so keep an eye out for me in the FC in the next few days/weeks.


For those of you who care, my skype is on my blog and a few of you I'm already facebook friends with. I welcome anybody who wants to just talk from time to time or even ask for advice. Keep in touch, y'all.


~The Forum Playa~


Sucks I'll never make DM, but it's great that I was an RM :king: .

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Nice to see you around. Wish you would stay a while. We could use some old faces.

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