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Fight Kiln and 96 Ranged

King Mic

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Grats on the Kiln! I'm hoping to do that soon as well, how easy was it and did you have to eat much food/prayer?

Thanks, I think I used like 7 or 8 rocktails, 6 or 7 prayer flasks, and a super strength, an attack, a defence and a magic flask. I used SS the whole time, and Torment in the final 10-13 waves. Didn't really get hit that often, only the Dills (the ones that look like armadillos) did some serious damage but only because it's like impossible to avoid getting hit by their special attacks (if it is at least I didn't figure out how, I just tanked). The Jads did some damage too, but only because they always caught me by surprise when I had no deflect prayers on. The two Jads wave was a joke, I saved 3 invulnerability power up crystals for that wave and ended up only using one.

The final boss was ridiculously easy, if you look at the screenshot I posted you'll notice I have full lp and I didn't even eat. (but used SS)

Had a Tort with 3 prayer flasks, a Yip pouch, a sum potion and lots of rocktails. When the Tort died I restored my sum with the pot and summoned the Yip. Lost a few rocktails because I had no inv space.



Thanks all. ^_^

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So did you find this more difficult than the Fight Caves?

No, but that's probably because when I did fight caves I had no Obsidian armour, had lower Ranged and Magic and was before EoC when Jad could 2-hit you. :P

I'll probably do fight caves again this week to get a fire cape, had to sacrifice the only one I had to be able to do kiln.


Congrats Tiger!

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congratulations on that cape especially doing it without a guide ( no guide pride! )


When I did it I know I died several times -.- But you know what as you are feeling right now...you feel awesome afterwards :P

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