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Old school skilling price calculators

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Table of contents spreadsheet


I have made some spreadsheets for old school rs which use current prices from Zybez to calculate the cost of various methods of skilling. They should prove useful for planning how you will go about achieving your goals.

The spreadsheets are done in google docs which don't need any download.

The link above will bring you to a contents page of all the spreadsheets I have available. Click on the image of whichever skill you are interested in and click the link to arrive at the sheet. From there you can see the speed and price of many methods.

Some spreadsheets allow you to specify particular things such as which runecrafting pouches you have, making a copy of the spreadsheet allows you to change these options. You can make your own copy by signing into your google account (if you use gmail or youtube you already have a google account), after signing into your account go to the spreadsheet, click file and “make a copy” and you will have your own copy to edit.

Best of luck with all your skilling thumbsup.gif

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