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◄► ~Kelly's Killers Agility Races & Costume Contest!~ ◄►

M u z

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Date: 29th July 2013

Time: 7PM GMT, 3PM EST

Friends Chat: M u z

Meeting Point: Gnome Agility Arena

Prize: 25M+ RSGP!

World: 2

IRC CHANNEL: #KillerEvents





- One Runescape account with membership

- Level 1+ agility



Before the competition I will line you guys up and I will decide who has the best costume and the winner will recieve 5m EoC gp.

I or my co-host will organize the competitors into groups. Group size may vary depending on attendance. Depending on the amount of people attending there may be a lot more races as they don't take long and the prizes of the races will be decided at the event. These races will be worth a total of 15m EoC gp, and the races will culminate with everybody competing in one race with the winner recieving 5m EoC coins. Hope to see you there, and you have to be in it to win it! :)

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Sounds like a nice competition. Too bad I would lose purely because of the fps on world 2 lol


Would love to see you there buddy, we are doing it on world 2 solely for attendance purposes.

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