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Drug Questionnaire

hey guys  

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  1. 1. What drugs do you think should be legal? (Select each)

    • Already legal drugs (Alcohol, Tobacco & Caffeine)
    • Soft drugs (Marijuana, Alcohol & Caffiene)
    • Psychedelics (Mushrooms, LSD, MDMA)
    • Hard drugs (Heroin, Meth, Cocaine)
    • None
  2. 2. What drugs do you do, or have done? (Select each)

    • Legal drugs (Alcohol, Tobacco & Caffeine)
    • Soft drugs (Marijuana, Alcohol, Tobacco & Caffeine)
    • Psychedelics (Mushrooms, LSD, MDMA)
    • Hard drugs (Heroin, Meth, Cocaine)
    • None
  3. 3. What drugs are you willing to do? (Select each)

    • Legal drugs (Alcohol, Tobacco & Caffeine)
    • Soft drugs (Marijuana, Alcohol, Tobacco & Caffeine)
    • Psychedelics (Mushrooms, LSD, MDMA)
    • Hard drugs (Heroin, Meth, Cocaine)
    • None

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Posted (edited)

I have tried everything except hard drugs.

I am curious about cocaine, but too scared and wise to go through with it, even merely once.

Marijuana is far less harmful than alcohol. In New Zealand on a Friday night alcohol is responsible or partially responsible for approximately 50% of police and ambulance callouts. Alcohol creates family abuse statistics and is toxic to the brain stem, alongside drunk driving incidents and other accidents, as well as the emotional/spiritual toll. I personally believe that marijuana and alcohol should exchange places in their legality status, alcohol is far, far more dangerous and a strong government ought to account for this. However, like marijuana prohibition, alcohol prohibition creates more problems than it solves. Alcohol and marijuana need to be regulated. Plenty of the terrible statistics surrounding marijuana are related to the illegality itself, rather than the harms of the drug.

As for hallucinogens and psychedelics, these have medicinal and spirituality related properties that are important to make use of correctly in the future, should the world be progressive enough. It is commonly accepted that the correct LSD trip is capable of causing a person to overcome depressive mood states (studies have explored this), and there are plenty of other features to hallucinogens that if used correctly, could benefit millions of people, especially those interested in safe spiritual exploration. Medicine and spirituality ought to mesh these ideas together during one beautiful time, somewhere in the future.

Caffeine is useful for staying focused during work, travel and study and therefore has a rightful place under reasonable use.

Tobacco needs to be regulated and made safe, whereas tailor-made cigarettes have just got to be eradicated for good.

A lot of people in this poll appear to disagree with my views on psychedelics.

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