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You put those hours in, and look at what you get.

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Nope. But because I got the lucky staff I augmented the staff in my bank and made some XP off that instead :D


So who's digging NXT? I sure am.





10 levels, Helwyr kill and plushies left until re-comp. Really can't wait, I miss the cape so much.


Other gains:




150m Defence XP (!! 75% to 200m!!!)



20m Woodcutting



117 Divination (missed the screenshot damnit)













So I doubt any of you have heard of the YouTube channel DeadEndHipHop, but they're a channel with over 120,000 subs that reviews rap albums. For a review channel, that's a very big fanbase - the only one with more subs I know of is The Needledrop with 660k. They recently started posting written reviews on their website to accompany the videos and they asked fans to apply as writers. Long story short is I'm a writer for the DEHH website. Which is awesome. http://deadendhiphop...g-album-review/


And also, it was record store day recently. Of course I spent more than I should have but who cares?


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Wow bro this is an awesome skill log, I have never fully read it until just now but this is sick. Can't wait till you update it more and hope to talk to you in game soon. keep up the absolute monster gainz. oh and share inv lvl pls :P


P.S. I must come to your 120 party's I feel sad because I missed all your 99s and max and comp but I will try my hardest to be there


P.P.S I may or may not have read this for the last 2hrs + :P its really great. Wish I did something like this before my comp had to be reformatted *lost all my 99 cape pics all the way back to fletch* anyways cant wait to see more progress gj bro :)



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Thanks Josh. This log hasn't had love like that in years. :wub:

So what has happened recently? Well, there's quite a bit, so let's get into it.




We're getting close now. I actually caught up to Blake level-wise (not yet XP wise) which is ridiculous. Hopefully I can knock out the last 7 or so million XP by my next update - I am heartily sick of Abyssal Demons.

Speaking of Abyssal Demons:


I've actually reached a prestige in something. That isn't something I ever thought would actually happen. I'm over 75,000 kills on my Abyssal Demon mask though, as that started counting before killcounters were added. It's so many demons. So many ;-;

Other things:

111 Slayer



115 Hitpoints



160m Defence XP



900m Total XP (I'll catch you eventually at this rate Dei)



Tengu Tsuba 5 (Finally got back into ports this month)



This here is the 25th Abyssal Head I've gotten as a drop. I think it's safe to say these are a 1/3000 drop.







So lots happened for me in OSRS. Quite a lot. There's a LOT of screenshots. Be warned.



























I had a lot of fun on OSRS last few weeks. The only regret I have is that OsBuddy reduces the quality of screenshots :( But hey, I got the Barrows gloves now. I'm very impressed with myself, considering they're one of the most sought-after items in the game and I don't really play that much OSRS.


Man, I've been busy, cause my collection exploded too:



Records: Bad Meets Evil - Hell: The Sequel, Kanye West - Late Registration, Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Piñata, Linkin Park - The Hunting Party, & twenty | one | pilots - Vessel.

CDs: MF Doom - Operation Doomsday (2011 Re-issue), Common - Be, Logic - Under Pressure, Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Deluxe DVD Version)


And I reviewed a few things. Read here pls.






Peace guys.

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Please don't do plunder with a godsword, it makes us look bad :(

??? It had the biggest prayer bonus in my bank cause I hadn't done Horror from the deep yet. And I was plundering from like 40 to 53, is that really worth spending my entire incredibly meager cashpile on a sceptre?




FINALLY. I got my Completionist Cape back and am very happy about this. I can finally relax and play RuneScape at my own pace now, which is something I'd been missing due to the horrible Invention grind :grindteeth:



Yeah, this actually happened. I never expected to get something worthwhile from a triskelion, just because of their unbelievable rarity, but here I got Dragonstone Gauntlets.


This is what I've gone back to since Invention is done. I'm very depressed about my rank - I've dropped about 200 spots since the new skill came out. Think about this; I was rank 797 with 32.1m Xp, and now I'm not even rank 950 with this much. /: But I'm still happy with my achievement.





CDs: Logic - Under Pressure, Kanye West - The College Dropout, Lupe Fiasco - Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor, Jay-Z - The Black Album, GZA - Words From The Genius


Finally, another good rap project in 2016. I've been starved.


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120 Div is coming along pretty well, considering the little I get to train it.

85m Div XP



It's been a while since I just sat back and trained the skill, rather than just dailies and cache, and I have to say I miss the days when Divination was first released. I feel like I'm still training the skill because it's 'new' because I just never stopped :P

Anyway, this is my first update in about a month. Two weeks after my last post were consumed by being away at a course, and as I now work full time my RS time is cut smaller. I'm still playing and trying my best, though. I've been using the new Inspiration aura at the abyss training Defence, and my goal is to have 200m XP relatively quickly.

This was my last milestone: 170m Defence



Bonfire booster



104 Smithing



20m Firemaking




I've played a bit of OSRS, and all I've done the entire time is this.



Did some Experiments, then Sand Crabs, then these for profit. Aiming for 70 Ranged right now, I'd really love a Fire Cape and I've been steadily building my stats towards it for a long time now.










Records: Bruce Springsteen - The River, Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A., Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 2, Drake - If You're Reading This It's Too Late

CDs: OutKast - Aquemini, OutKast - ATLiens, Earl Sweatshirt - Doris

The Drake record is actually a bootleg. The record label never pressed it on vinyl, so a third party did it themselves and sold them on eBay. It's pressed out of track order to get away with it, but it still rocks :D




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So you wanted me to post in your log, better think of something to say



Um... something something share rooncraft xp


Grats on bonfire I keep forgetting reaper exists...


oh god you still have those ugly headers on all your UI boxes. I hope you realize that you can hide them.






Seriously can't find anything to comment on. You need to pvm more.

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Pretty sure you bank 3x more FM xp per hour doing wiilows at that level and for much greater wc xp per hour. No reason to do Yews on Ironman.

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