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RP: The Sorcerer's Body (Dead)

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Good evening, readers! I hope to soon call some of you players! Now, some of you may be wondering, what is an RP? Why should you join one? Well, I'll tell you why! RPs aren't just a game. Well, they are, and they're a fun one with the right people. But they're also an adventure. You're not just playing a character. You're slipping into their shoes, entering a new world, and travelling to distant places you could only dream of. You're going somewhere to be someone other than yourself for a little while. You're battling brutish monsters and powerful foes. You're weaving intricate stories with other players. Together, you can do many things. Have I got you interested? Good! Read on!


This story of ours takes place on a faraway world full of magic and monsters. The world is called Gaia. It's a big world. Bigger than our Earth. Besides the travelers, settlers of this world have generally not travelled beyond their own continents, let alone kingdoms. So much is out there to explore. But for the beginning of this story, we focus on a single place. Yes, even a small place can seem large to a single person.


There is a legend. The world, however flawed it may be, was not always this well off. There was a time of darkness, when an evil sorcerer ruled over. Men called upon the gods for their aid, but none answered. They were left to their own fate. Some say it was the gods themselves who sent the sorcerer. Whatever the case may be, the sorcerer was there, and he needed to be stopped. All men were slaves to the sorcerer's bidding. His vile creations were more or less the dominant inhabitants of Gaia.


The men and women of the world formed a resistance to try and put a stop to the sorcerer. Surely they were a thorn in his side, but alas, they could do nothing to him. That is, until one day a flash of light fell from the sky. A single individual was nearby where it crashed, and when he reached where it had landed, he found none other than a glowing white sword. He took it up, and with it fought the minions of the sorcerer. The sword was a bane to them. They fell like toys to its might. And when he faced the sorcerer, he too fell to its might. And thus the sorcerer's essence was trapped within the blade.


The sorcerer's monsters dwindled to small numbers, and hid throughout the land. Few remain to this day, but those that do are still greatly feared. The sorcerer's body, invincible to all damage as it was, was buried beneath the earth, and a tomb full of dangerous traps and deadly monsters was built atop it. The blade itself was locked away in a vault of what is now the king's palace in the kingdom of Photania. Or it was.


You, the players, will be playing heroes, adventurers, mercenaries, thieves, what-have-you. You have been summoned by the king of Photania. Something awful has taken place. The king has this to say to the lot of you:


"Thank you all for coming. The reason I brought all you in particular, is because you are the best of the best at what you do. Something terrible has taken place. In the night, my royal guards were slain. We found the royal vault broken open. This would normally be impossible with the enchantments put upon it, but by someone with powerful magic. Only one thing was stolen: the sword used to slay the sorcerer Malvus. This could mean several things. It is a very valuable artifact. Perhaps someone wishes to sell it. But whatever the case may be, we must get it back. If placed into the wrong hands, with it the sorcerer can be ressurrected. Please, my subjects, get it back. Go to the tomb of Malvus's body, and slay whoever has stolen this sword. Now, we can't make you go as we can't guarantee you'll come back alive, but for those that do, there is a great reward awaiting you. Now, make haste!"


Are you a royal guard for the king himself? A ruthless mercenary? A thief looking to make some coin? A mage hoping to study ancient artifacts? That is up to you! Now, there are a few main races in the world of Gaia, including:


Elf: short, slender folk. They have pointed ears. Very acute senses, making them great archers.

Dwarf: even shorter, much stouter folk. The males almost always have beards. They are great craftsman, and even greater warriors.

Humans: generally the race more obsessed with wealth. They are great at making profit, whether through honest means or not.

Orc: tall, muscular folk with green skin who generally hold their honor in high esteem. They are great warriors, and great hunters.

Lizardfolk: tall, humanoid lizard-like people who are solitary creatures.


Of course, these are only the main races. You may come up with your own if you'd like. The best thing about RPs is the use of your creativity. Now, if you've read this far, that must mean you're at least somewhat interested. If you would like to join this RP, all you have to do is fill out this form to provide a basic description of the character you'd like to use.


[b]Name (of character)[/b]:


I hope to start a new journey with all of you soon!


EDIT: If anyone's wondering, I'm going to hold off on making my own character. As DM (or whatever you call it), I feel it best to focus on taking care of the world, monsters, NPCs, etc. for the players to interact with instead of focusing on a single character of mine. Maybe I'll make my own character later, but for now, I'm going to stick with not.

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Gonna submit a really quick app before I have to go to bed.


Name (of character): Leo Crimson

Race: Dwarf

Age: 35

Sex: Male

Profession: Guard of the King

Appearance: Stands about 4 feet 10 inches; broadly built, with a ginger coloured beard and mohawk.

Equipment: Hefty red double-bladed battleaxe and round shield. Often wears red and gold plate armour.

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I've done a few RPs in the past, but none here.


Name (of character): Kugel-mar

Race: Half-orc (orcish blood on mother's side)

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Profession: Ex-monk; orphaned at a young age, Kugel-mar was sent to a mountainous monastery, devoted to the perfection of body and mind through unarmed combat. However, Kugel-mar grew tired of the closed, discipline life, and took to the road to seek his fame and power. However, he still holds to the ideal of perfection of body and mind, and ever seeks to hone his craft and prove himself to his former instructors one day.

Appearance: Stands roughly 6' 5", however is much leaner than the average half-orc. He is bald with a weaving tattoo emblazoned on his scalp. Otherwise his is very clean (for a half-orc) and well-looking.

Equipment: Kugel-mar doesn't carry much with him - he has plain grey and black robes, which leave his arms bare. He has a small sack slung over his shoulder, which carries only essentials for his travels.

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EDIT: Even though there's only two players so far, I'll start the RP soon. I can't double-post though, so no bumping for me.


EDIT: First off, I'd like to give you all a few tips I've learned during all my time RPing. One: quality over quantity. It's not how much you write that matters. It's how well you write that does. Don't write walls of text for the sake of writing walls of text. Don't do it because you're afraid of looking inferior to others who do. If you don't need to write a lot to get your point across, then don't. Not everyone has the same writing style. This isn't a competition. You're not being tested. This is just for fun.


Two: know what your characters are capable of. By that I mean mentally as well as physically. Of course when you first start writing your character, you're not going to know exactly what they're supposed to be like. But as time goes on, you'll figure it out. And when you do, stay in character. Know what they're capable of, and stick to that. Know their limits. Sometimes characters break limits, but do so only when it's best for the character and the story. And don't make your character do anything it wouldn't make sense for them to do.


Three: write when you can, but don't force yourself to. This RP isn't going anywhere. It'll still be here when you get in the mood to write a post. You're not on a schedule. You don't have a deadline. So don't force yourself to come up with something. You won't have fun that way. The other players won't have fun that way. Just don't be angry if you haven't posted in a while and the story progresses without you.


Okay, so now onto the RP:


It was a dark and silent night. Very dark. And very silent. The sky was overcast with clouds, blotting out the moon and the stars. The only source of light and sound came from a single campfire that lie in the shadow of the old, foreboding temple the party of adventurers were there to plunder. The fire crackled and cast its orange glow across the faces of the people around it.


They had arrived there earlier that evening through the thick forest lands which were the only entrance to the valley the temple resided at. The forests themselves possessed an air of uneasiness. The trees looked as if they were about to lose their leaves as if it were fall, even though it was the dead of summer. The heat had been unbearable earlier that day, but now that it was night, it was cool. But not the kind of cool that cleared your head and made you relaxed. It was the kind of cool that sent shivers down your spine.


In the forest there wasn't the single sound of any insect or other animal. The only noise came from the few moments of light breeze which would rustle the leaves of the forest together, or the crunching of leaf litter as the adventurers walked across it. The forest had eventually come to an end, quite abruptly, and opened up to reveal a valley with steep mountains rising up all around it. The only things in the valley itself were a single river running through it and the tomb that held an evil sorcerer's body.


The adventurers weren't just there for the heck of it. Someone had stolen a sword which had been used to imprison the very sorcerer whose tomb they were at. If the king's hunch was right, they were going to use it to ressurrect the sorcerer. The adventurers were there to stop whomever it was. Some would do it for glory, others for the reward, and still others for simply the greater good. Whatever the case, this mission had brought them all together. After a hard day's trek across the land, they made camp for the night. They needed rest before plunging into the depths of the heavily guarded and severely booby trapped tomb. Now they sat silent around the campfire together. Who would break the silence?


OoC: So, this is the part where your characters start talking to each other to get to know each other, if you would. And also, now is most probably the best time for others to join if they're interested.

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For the longest time, Kugel-mar sat in a lotus position close to the fire, staring into the heart of the fire. His face was unnaturally still, but one could see the fire reflect and dance in his stone-black eyes. His breathing was slow and measured, but there was a finely tuned tension about him that seemed ready to spring.


After a good period of silence, Kugel's gaze shifted up, and he slowly scanned the fire-lit faces in the circle. His gaze rested on the dwarf across from him, who was roughly eye level due to Kugel being seated directly on the ground.


"Mountain-dweller, you are more familiar with this place. What you expect we find down there? I not trust anyone with magics. What does another honorable warrior think of this place?"

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Sitting with his back against one of the numerous pillars around the temple, Leo Crimson attached a piece of raw chicken onto the end of his prong and watched as the flames licked away at the pink meat. He looked up while his food was cooking and observed the other members of the group; surprisingly, there was a large variety of the types of people (not just race), from warriors to petty thieves to whatever else. In his own opinion, Leo wasn't sure why the king had chosen not to handpick his own group to search for the missing legendary weapon, but he had learned many times in the past to trust the judgment of his liege.


The orc-human hybrid on the other side of the fire spoke up, finally breaking the long silence; it took Leo a moment to realize that (the monk?) was speaking to him.


Pondering the question, he replied, "We've all learned history, especially about the sorcerer and his past reign. I personally have no clue as to what we have to be prepared for, but as an 'honoured warrior' I'd have to admit it does make me uneasy."


His meat roasted, Leo took a small bite out of his chicken, chewed on it, and then ate some more.

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Well.. I was hoping for a bit more conversation and/or more people to join, but you know what they say. When life gives you lemons.. make the best RP you can.


The sounds of footsteps echoing off the walls filled the ancient hallway. It was made of old, gray stone. It was cracked in many places, and filled with dust and cobwebs. It was wet, too, and overgrown with fungus. A figure marched down into the earth through this hallway. This old, deserted hallway. The figure was of a man covered head-to-toe in brown, tattered clothing, save for his eyes and fingers. He brought his hand up to his mouth instinctively as he had another coughing fit, even though his mouth was covered by a scarf. The coughing sounds were muffled as a result. The man carried with him only a sword on his belt and a branch in his hands that he used as a walking stick. He used it to carry his weight as he was ill. As he marched down the hallway, he heard a clicking sound as he stepped on an out-of-place tile he hadn't noticed before. Bricks slid back in the wall, opening up holes in them. Darts flew out at the man. Nonchalantly, the man swung his stick in an arch in front of him, creating a force field that the darts bounced off of.


The man turned to look behind him and spoke, "Take care. That was hardly the most deadly trap we'll face in this tomb." The horde of goblins that had been following behind him started whispering to each other fervently. The man turned back around and started his march into the tomb once again. Eventually, after taking care not to activate any more traps, they made it to a door. There was a complicated-looking mechanism in the door that suggested a very strange key was needed to open it. At this point the man reached into his robes and brought out a statuette that looked like a spider. But at the end of each of its legs were keys. The man slid the spider into the door, turned it. There was a lot of clicking and sliding sounds, and then the door rolled into the wall, opening up to reveal a large chamber. A large chamber filled with small piles of many treasures. The goblins were entranced by all the gold and jewels and pushed past the robed man quite rudely and started grabbing as much treasure as they could.


Angered, the robed man yelled, "Do not just touch anything you want! Do you not remember that this place is heavily trapped? You think the builders of this tomb would just leave treasure lying around without any way of being guarded? Perhaps it's all poisoned!" At that, the goblins dropped the treasure in a panic. Except one, who thought the man's warning silly. Despite his warning, the goblin grabbed a rather large diamond set upon a pedestal in the middle of the room. The man yelled, "No!" with his hand reaching out toward the goblin. But it was too late. There was a flash of light, and the goblin burned to dust. Meanwhile the diamond rose into the air, as did all the rest of the treasure. It all flew through the air toward the diamond, spinning around it. It shifted, taking shape. It began to look like the crude shape of a man. It opened its maw, and let out a terrible roar. It swung its large arm, crushing the bones of many goblins with its terrible weight. Others smartly gathered around the goblin shamans who brought up magical shields to protect them. "Blasted goblins!" cursed the man.




Above ground, the sun rose up over the horizon. The day was new, and the journey about to begin.


OoC: I think I might have to make a character after all.


Name (of character): Vyrus "Vy" Ossalt

Race: Elf

Age: 43 (young for an elf)

Sex: Female

Profession: Mystical researcher at the Skaldian Institute

Appearance: 4'9". Pale skin. Not chubby but not skinny. Dark, straight hair pulled back into a ponytail. Dark brown eyes with specks of shiny, metallic purple. Thick eyebrows for an elf. Her ears are more bent than the normal rounded appearance an elf's ears take.

Equipment: A three-foot rod with a focusing crystal at the end used to cast spells. A large tome that collects all her research, observations, spells, etc. for magic. She wears a light blue tunic and trousers, and black leather boots. On her hands are fingerless black leather gloves.

Abilities: She is well-versed in the ways of magic. Though she knows a lot about all types of magic, she mostly only specializes in transmutation and manipulation spells. To transform herself and the world around her, and to manipulate the world and other people. She also owns a familiar that is a demonic toad. It is about 1 1/2 times the size of a human head, is green with red streaks, and has horns above its brow. Its name is Klot.


EDIT: Also, I'd like you all to note that now that I'm going to have my own character, I won't be in full control of the RP. You guys have a say in what happens to the world, the monsters, the dangers, the NPCs (just keep them in character). The only thing you can't control is other players' characters, unless they give you permission. So, yea, if you have an idea and you want to go forward with it, feel free to do so!


EDIT: The group packed up their supplies, put out the fire, and headed off toward the temple. They still had a little while until they actually got TO the temple, and they would first need to cross the river. The grass of the valley came up to their waists. For some reason, today there were animals making noises all around. Insects made their buzzing and chirping noises among the grass. The sun beat down on the adventurer's heads. Eventually they made it to the river. Vy bent down, cupped her hands, and drank from the river. At that moment, all noise stopped. Vy froze in place. She looked around. It seems the adventurers too noticed the sudden silence, but none of them saw anything around that could've scared the bugs. Maybe it was hiding in the grass? Vy looked back down into the water.


There was an explosion and water flew everywhere, soaking Vy as the wind was knocked out of her. She was lifted into the air as she felt a crushing weight across her whole body. She looked down through the tears of the pain and saw a giant squid-like monster had come from the water. The other adventurers were already attacking it. Vy struggled to move her arm, but managed to grab her magic rod. She spoke her incantations and waved her rod in a precise manner. The tentacle that held her turned to water. She began to fall to the earth. She waved her rod and spoke another incantation. The ground beneath her turned to feathers, and she fell into them, causing feathers to fly everywhere.

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Whipping his axe upwards preparing for battle, Leo was completely unprepared for the events that occurred before his eyes.




Then he remembered what it was the group was dealing with, and decided he shouldn't have been so surprised, even with a massive sea monster writhing around. Dodging the grab on one tentacle Leo deftly hacked it in two, and then helped one of the others with the tentacle that was grasping him. "Got you," grunted the dwarf as he sliced the appendage off, and then freed his comrade with a knife.

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Who is your character addressing, Leo? The robed man is below ground, in the tomb. He's the villain. We're above ground, in the valley, next to the river, fighting a kraken. Just want to make sure there isn't any confusion.

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Sorry, I got it confused with the post at the bottom. Fixed now.

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Name (of character): Isaac Mendel

Race: Human

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Profession: Merchant

Appearance: Skinny, scrawny and pale, Isaac stands at around six feet, and seems to be comprised of nothing but skin and bones. His long black hair falls down to just past his shoulders when it isn't tied up in a ponytail. He has green eyes, a very angular face, and a long nose that's slightly crooked to the right.

Equipment: Isaac's typical travelling attire consists of a dark green tunic, black pants, thick brown leather boots, and a pair of dark leather gloves. He has a thin sword belted at his waist, but he looks more likely to run away than to draw his blade in a fight. Isaac carries a large pack full of supplies on his back.

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There's no use in denying it. This RP was doomed to fail from the start. It had no ambition. There was nothing appealing about it to draw people into joining. It was just too generic. It kinda just felt like a chore for me. An attempt to try and resurrect RPing here. Not like anyone was ever interested in any RPs I made. I'm giving up on it. I dunno if I have to have a mod lock it or something, but if one wants to, they can. However, this isn't me giving up on RPs entirely. I'll have a newer, better one up soon. One that I'm actually kinda excited to make. One with a unique concept that others might find interesting.

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