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1 hour ago, bros before hoes said:

I’m still all TANNESEE. What a fun run. I was only 6 when we had the ‘99/00 Super Bowl run so this was the most exciting Titans run I can remember. 

Very exciting. Unfortunately we started the season very rough. If we started with the roster we finished with, we'd have built up a tolerance to teams like KCC. 

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This is a big game.  I think if Tom Brady wins, it will seal his reputation as the greatest of all time (if that has not already happened).  It will show he can win without Belichick (remember when people said he was a system QB?) and in the process he will defeat another greatest of all time candidate in his prime.

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2 hours ago, Leo said:

This is the way

My friend is a lifelong Bengals fan and he was completely pumped to just witness his team win the first playoff game of his entire life. It's so endearing and I'd probably be rooting for the Bengals if they weren't already the Cinderella story of the playoffs. If this is a competitive Super Bowl then we're probably looking at the best postseason of all time, or at least top 5. 


I love sports man. 

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Sports are stupid I hate them 


In all seriousness WOW what a playoffs. The last 3 rounds of the playoffs featured a single game decided by 6 points and the rest were decided by 3. The majority came down to the last play of the game. They all came down to the final two minutes. Absolutely absurd. This is why people watch sports. If you wrote this into a movie it would feel too unrealistic. 



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Yeah. Last night was a bummer.


I don't mean to sound dramatic, but I'll probably need a couple of days to process this. The Brady-Belichick success in the last 20 years has kind of skewed fan expectations about what it takes/how often a team should be able to make the Super Bowl, and Cincinnati (whilst still being very good) had three major 180 turns in each of their playoff games. It's very hard to see the team get this far and not be 100% confident the stars will align like 2021, for it to ever happen again. Not only do they have to improve the already-existing holes in the team (OFFENSIVE LINE DEFCON ONE), but the coaching staff and front office will have to constantly innovate to keep up with the likes of the Chiefs, Bills, Rams, 49ers, etc. Again, the team is on a very positive upwards trend, but I'd be lying if I still didn't hold a certain level of pessimism.

Regardless of the latter points above, 2021 was still a very good season that exceeded everyone's expectations, and I'm excited to keep watching Burrow et al. in the years to come.




Go Bengals



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