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RP: Power Up

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Prepare yourselves, heroes, as you embark on an adventure to save the 8-bit world of Arcadia. The evil sorcerer--Mastermind--has unleashed his minions on the land, enslaving its eight kingdoms. It is up to you--the heroes--to travel throughout treacherous regions, battle hordes of evil creatures, gain game-changing power ups, and defeat the evil Mastermind.


The Eight Kingdoms

  • The Ice Kingdom: This is where the ice people and yetis live.
  • The Fire Kingdom: This is where the fire people live.
  • The Forest Kingdom: This is where elves and fairies live.
  • The Mountain Kingdom: This is where dwarves live.
  • The Robot Kingdom: This is where robots live. No one knows who built them or why.
  • The Sky Kingdom: This is where bird people live.
  • The Sea Kingdom: This is where fish people live.
  • The Under Kingdom: This is where mole people and goblins live. They farm giant mushrooms.


Application Form


[b]Powers [/b](you can have up to three at the start): 





Name: Dargy

Gender: Male

Race: Yeti

Appearance: Tall. Bulky. Covered in white hair. Has such a big mane that he appears to have no neck. Pinkish hands and feet. Yellow eyes.

Personality: Dim, clumsy, but loving.

Powers (you can have up to three at the start):

  • Groundwave: Pounds the ground so hard it causes a shockwave that knocks others off their feet.
  • Ice Spit: Spits a spike of ice out of his mouth at high speeds.
  • Punching Tornado: Spins around really fast swinging his fists punching anything that gets in his way.


In case you hadn't guessed, this RP is a homage to old video games. It's really simple, and I think it has the potential to be extremely fun.

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I'll join. I'll make an app when I get an a computrr

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Name: Starnose

Gender: Male

Race: Mole

Appearance: Like a mole. Covered in brown fur, long whiskers, pink nose, big claws, no apparent eyes.

Personality: Down-to-earth, proactive, and unimaginative. Years of mushroom farming (and eating) has made him dull.

Powers (you can have up to three at the start):

  • Dig: Burrows deep into the ground and makes it collapse under someone's feet
  • Claw: Mauls someone using his claws
  • Spore rain: Sprays hallucinogenic spores from his nostrils by sneezing.

Edited by Luna

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Name: Risgard

Gender: Male

Race: Fire

Appearance: 6' 2" , flame for hair, red skin, wait you usually think when you imagine a fire person. Naturally hot, doesnt get gold easily, but when he does, he is either extremely injured, or very ill.

Personality: nice to everyone, even on the battlefield. Regrets that he has to kill so many to save just a few. Self righteous. Has an actual moral compass.

Powers :

Fire Starter - can create fire out of nowhere, which is very rare now.

Flame Saber - either creates a flame sword out of nowhere, or he will Ennis a sword with flames

Summon Impling - summons a flame mpling from his home that he has trained himself to aid in combat, or anything else. Only one at a time.


Sorry it took so long. Procrastination.

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Sorry Scorp and everyone else, but I'll have to opt out of this RP for now; school is just way too busy now (already have a midterm next Monday) for me to be able to contribute regularly. I'll maybe look into making one mid-late October once they're all done but for now I'm piled. :/

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Balbaroy/Amon(cookies to first person who can tell me what game this name is from :D)




Male/Female Team Unit( just use Balbaroy if not allowed a team role as these two from the game always fight as one and are weaker separated.




Sky Warlords(from the Sky Kingdom)




Balbaroy is brown and white with thicker feathers who has a bronze shield on his left wing and a longsword in his right.

Amon is a light blue and white with thinner but longer feathers who has a white shield on her right wing and a rapier in her left. They always stand with Balbaroy to the right and Amon to the left.




These leathal Sky Warlords have identical personalities. They are protectors, so they mean serious business. They are not afraid of diving to fight on the ground and they rule the air. Legend has it that they flee from large amounts of fire. Amon does fast strikes while Balbaroy does more defending and blitz attacks when the opportunity arrives.


Powers (you can have up to three at the start)


-Team Shield - The Team Shield is a defensive power which allows Balbaroys shield and Amons ( because of their positioning at all times ) to be able to block even some of the largest weapons from making contacts on their person. The shields having been made by the ancients goblins in exchange of assistance from the Old Age has a special ability where when both shields are used as one it has a rebound effect which not only blocks the attack (85-95% depending on the tangible size of the weapon ) it will rebound the damage on to the enemy of what they would had normally hit. This power is a power that is used quit often.


Note* Magical attacks such as elemental flames etc only repel the attack and does not actually rebound


-Double Team - Being a team fighter they have the ability to attack from multiple sides of an opposing monster/enemy and be able to land a blow at a weak point for 200% of the original amount of damage. Keep in mind this power can only be used 1-2 times in a fight due to Balbaroy being the one who has to defend both him and Amon while Amon goes for the offensive.


-Wind Surf - While damage is minimal (20-25% of a normal attack) this power allows both of the sky warlords to not only strike the enemy but to make quite the space in case of need to escape or to regroup. The downside of this power is that they don't use range/magic attacks so they cannot attack afterwards if they are not near the enemy either!

Edited by Kaysie

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Sorry for the [temporary] disappearance. I was dealing with stuff. All accepted! I will try and get an IC up soon.

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