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I have absolutely no experience in design and the most advanced thing i can do is press the prt sc button to take a screen shot...


its pretty bad..


anyways, i need someone to do me a huge favor and make me 2 sigs that i can use on a couple forums


here's what i want for the 1st one:

primary text - Ace

secondary text - Simplexus Admin

i want it to be one of those sleek and thin sigs with visitor font on the primary and secondary.

i want a yellow partyhat image on the left, primary text in the middle, and the secondary text on the right.


something like this: 2zyl9gk.png


and for the 2nd one:


I'd like a clan signature and i want it to say the clans name and founder(because i founded it lol)

primary: Dynasty

secondary: Founder


sorry if the way i described things was annoying or hard to understand!!!!

thank you in advance to the kind soul/souls who decide to take my request!

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