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So it Seems I Return.


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Sup guys. Well I return once more now that I'm 17 and I've grown up a bit. I must say, I apologise to anyone who I offended in my younger days and yes, yuan is still the devil. I'm back pretty much to change my name back to Conspicuous LOL and idk this place is dying so this is the perfect opportunity to increase my post count and claim that I'm "stimulating conversation" lel. Oh and I was not inspired in any way by many people calling for my return on a topic in the 'Scape Lounge :aware: Also, I may be resuming my Community Creativity so be ready to have the socks blown away from thy. Well, speech over, I bid you all a good day.

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Oh hey, congratulations on turning 17. I've always thought you to be older honestly.


Thank you and I'm surprised you think that due to the way I've behaved in the past lol



Our new god is Gnostic Christian Bishop.


no. i refuse to conform. stop. pls.


All hail DL.



Welcome back! :D





You couldn't made your return more inconspicuous? :cute:


Welcome back :P


hur dur herp derp sop reep@@@


Welcome back bby




hay bby

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