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Best Skill Cape Currently


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Hey guys, I am looking for your total honest opinion. I am currently going for my first 99, and basically I want it to be special. What I am looking for is a respected and reasonably difficult skill cape (minus 120 Dung).


I have multiple parts in this post that I'm looking for your answer.


Firstly, Divination. This is one of the skills I am considering. How respected do you believe 99 Divination is, and how common do you think it will become in the future? I find XP rates quite slow, so it leads me to believe this is quite a decent skill cape and a reasonable choice. Your opinion?


And secondly, being more general, the other skills I am considering are Slayer, Agility and Mining. How respected is Slayer now after EoC compared with other skills? And with Agility and Mining, I have concerns the upcoming reworks may make these capes more common? Basically I'm asking what would you suggest out of these skills + div for my first 99? Or is there another skill?


P.S Im not looking for a buyable one.




Thanks guys.


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Personally I don't really respect mining that much since Living Rock Caves were released.


I would do agility if I were you, the experience rates are not crazy fast even at higher levels and it has the practical effect of restoring run energy. I don't know much about divination though. I think the rates for that are pretty slow at all levels.

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Yeah, untrimmed Agility is a semi-rare, respected cape. At the best you'll probably average at 60,000 XP per hour, starting at level 93. You'll still be able to use that same course at 90 but you'll still be able to fail the obstacles, so you'll get slightly less XP.

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