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Agility Rework; Become Easier?


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One thing that concerns me greatly with the upcoming Agility rework, is the possibility that the skill cape may lose its prestige. As in Jagex making the cape easier to earn, via faster XP and more afkable methods. What do you think are the possibilities of this happening? Id hate to spend 200 hours of clicking earning my Agility cape, only for it to become so much easier.




Thanks guys.

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I've already done my 200 hours of clicking for my Agility cape, and I made sure to do it before any type of Agility-span update, to make sure it was a prestigious cape when I got it.

With the re-work, in my opinion, we'll either see thousands of Agility capes flooding the game, OR, it won't make a difference. If it does become much easier, it will basically be a repeat of the Runecrafting cape. Im sure Jagex knows how prestigious the Agility cape is, and I hope they'll keep it to that, but pre-Runespan, the Runecrafting cape was far more impressive than the Agility cape, and look at it now. Who knows what will happen.

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Bonfires! Bonfires! Bonfires!


Omighty Firemaking cape, what carpal tunnel I have wasted on thee.


Not entirely the same level of prestige, but my wrist complained when I saw what they did to firemaking as a skill.


Edit: wow what a massive bump, webpage told me the previous post was today O_O... after my reply went through then I noticed the topic's age. My bad,

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