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How beautiful is your face?

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Start by taking a picture of yourself. My camera is the OculusOrb 4.0.




Crop to a nice selection as the website instructs.




Make the dots, and find your result!




I personally think that they've underestimated the uniquity of my beautiful features, but it's an accurate source nonetheless.



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Aren't all male faces the same? Or do you want our real life ones?

Why-wha-fuh-huh!? No two faces are the same in the eyes of our great lord and creator, Jagex!


Just look at this fellow. I found him at random wandering the streets, and I've never seen such nonpareil features!




His score is almost as high as mine, in fact.




And look at this banker. Never have I seen such delight written over a single portrait.




Now have a gander at these guards. Is the spectacular diversity within this group not evident?




I also attempted to take a photograph of our benevolent King Roald, but I was too distracted by the fact that his crown is floating.




Nonetheless, my point is quite clear. Everybody's face is unique and beautiful in its own way. Mine is the most beautiful, I'm sure we can agree, but you understand my point.

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