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[Guide] Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombies

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The Survival Handbook

The guide to the ins and outs of Call of Duty: Black Ops ZOMBIES

The iOs version of this game is not covered

Neither is Dead Ops Arcade

1. Introduction

2. The Characters

3. The maps

4. Zombie types

5. Power-Ups

6. Perks

7. Traps

8. The Mystery Box

9. Weapons

10. Wonder Weapons

11. Pack-a-Punch

12. Point Hoarding

13. Trains

14. Area 51

15. Things to know

16. Outro



The Zombies mode in Call of Duty has evolved from a small side project by a developer into a giant franchise of its own, played by millions around the world. People demanded more Zombies, and the game mode has grown from a glitchy, 3 roomed, Perkless, powerless, trapless map, into a vast storyline set throughout 10 incredible Zombies instalments. Players have put thousands of hours into Zombies, working out strategies for success, honing their skills, and putting their names out there on the Zombies leader boards of fame. Here you will learn how to keep yourself out of arms (and teeth) reach of Zombies, strategies for high rounds, and other tips to increase your undertaking skill.

The Characters

The Original Cast

Tank Dempsey – Aggro American Soldier

Nikolai Belinksi – Drunk Russian Soldier

Takeo Masaki – Honourable Japanese Soldier

Edward Richtofen – Psychotic German Doctor


The “Five” Cast

John Fitzgerald Kennedy – President of the USA 1961-1963

Robert McNamara – USA Secretary of Defence 1961-1968

Richard Nixon – President of the USA 1969-1974

Fidel Castrol – President of Cuba 1976-2008


The Call of the Dead Cast

Sarah Michelle Gellar – a.k.a Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Robert Englund – a.k.a Freddy Krueger

Danny Trejo – a.k.a Machete

Michael Rooker – a.k.a Henry from Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer








The Maps



“Battle the undead in this theatrical instalment of “Zombies”. New twists and clues could uncover the final plan. It’s show time!”


Kino der Toten is set in an old Nazi theatre, and is considered to be an easy map. The presence of traps, the Thundergun, and Hellhound rounds are generally what make this so. The map is set in the shape of a large circle, with a straight going down the centre, connecting the spawn room and power switch.



“The Pentagon is under attack! Washington is going to DEFCON 1 in this instalment of “Zombies”.”


“Five” is generally considered one of the hardest maps in Zombies. It has very tight spaces, the traps are very badly placed, and no weapon on this map will continue to consistently kill Zombies. This map has 3 floors, which can be accessed via the Elevators, or using the Teleporters, which can sporadically teleport players around the map.



“You drove them deep into the heart of the Reich. You thought they were dead. You were wrong.”

Nacht Der Untoten is arguably the most difficult map there is. The lack of Perks, the tight spaces and size of the map make it near impossible to do well here. If you have incredible skill, however, this map is for you.



“Electroshock Therapy. Chemically engineering beverages. Hordes of undead Nazis. Find the power to unite and send them back to their graves!”


An Asylum, this map is also considered difficult by Zombies fans. This map, like “Five”, lacks a weapon that can consistently kill Zombies, especially on higher rounds. This map is set in a square shape, and is unique as it has two spawn rooms.



“Maggot ridden corpses. Bug infested swamp. Hundreds of undead Imperial Army. Choose your tactic and defend for your lives!”


Shi No Numa is set in a Swamp based environment. This map is an “X” shape, with a building containing a random Perk, a mystery box location, and a wall weapon at each corner, and the spawn room in the centre. This map is not considered difficult, but there are easier maps out there.



“The Giant is rising. Face the might of the Nazi Zombies in their heartland. This is where the master plan took shape. Is this where it all ends?”


Der Riese is set in a Zombie Factory in Nazi Germany. This is a fan-favourite and is considered to be one of, if not, the best map of all. This map, if played right, can be easy to achieve high rounds on, but it takes a lot of practice at getting the trains right.



“The risen dead have overtaken a Soviet cosmodrome and all Hell has broken loose. The countdown to the Zombie apocalypse has begun.”


Ascension is by far considered the easiest map in Zombies history. Large, open areas for training, the presence of the Thundergun, traps, and the ability to gain free Perks makes this map almost unfaillable (unless you make some very poor choices). This map lacks the Double Tap Perk, and has no colour when you first start. The colour will activate upon turning on the power.




“A shipwrecked crew of fearless explorers is hopelessly stranded in an abandoned Siberian outpost. Their dream of discovering the true origins of the mysterious Element 115 unravels into a Hellish nightmare.”


Call of the Dead is known to be a very difficult map, as it lacks a weapon to consistently kill Zombies, and the presence of George A. Romero himself can be very irksome. This map has tight, narrow spaces, with few open areas. Most areas that are open are also difficult for training for various reasons.



“A legendary shrine lost in an exotic jungle, where the undead lurk within a treacherous labyrinth of underground caverns, deadly traps and dark secrets.”


Shangri-La is considered a difficult map, but those with skill at Zombies beg to differ. While this map is small, has many tight passages and almost no open area, a few trains can be executed with ease and high rounds are easily possible. However, getting set up with Perks and weapons for a high round can be tough on this map, due to the above reasons.



“I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before the decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to Earth. (JFK, 1961)”


Moon is a very interesting map. High rounds are easy, yet they are also very difficult. Oxygen is a constant worry for those travelling around the map a lot, and the astronaut Zombie is one of the most annoying enemies you will ever have the misfortune to meet. However, certain areas are very open and trains are “so easy a caveman could do it”. RIP Yoteslaya.




Zombie Types



Your all around, generic, brain-eating enemy. These walk and run towards you at varying speeds and will swing at you to deal damage. The health of Zombies increases as the rounds go up.


Gas / Phaser Zombie

On Kino der Toten, “Five” and Moon, you can encounter Gas Zombies. These will release a large cloud of Gas when killed (unles killed by knife, trap or explosive) which will damage the player, kill nearby Zombies, and blur the player’s vision. On Moon, Gas Zombies have the ability to teleport short distances, which can make them very hard to hit with bullet weapons. Gas Zombies will only spawn when you are in the lab sections of both “Five” and Moon, and spawn when you are inside the theatre on Kino der Toten.



Hellhounds are zombified dogs, which will walk until spotting a player, at which moment they will begin to charge. Hellhounds only appear on their specified rounds, and will always drop a Max Ammo on completion of the round. However, on Der Riese, after the 3rd Hellhound round, they will begin spawning in with regular Zombies. Hellhounds have low health, which will not increase after the 3rd Hellhound round.


Pentagon Thief

The Pentagon Thief is an interesting foe that only appears on “Five”. He has his own special round, and will appear out of the closet Teleporter to you. He will slowly walk towards you, and upon spotting you, will begin to sprint very fast. His sprint cannot be outrun, unless he is on low health. The lower his health, the slower he runs. If he catches you, he will take the weapon you are currently holding, and then teleport you to the power switch. He will then continue to randomly run through the teleporters until finally leaving through the power switch teleporter. If killed before he steals any weapons, He will drop a Bonfire Sale and a Max Ammo. If killed after he steals a weapon, he will drop a Fire Sale and a Max Ammo. If he leaves via the teleporter, a Max Ammo will spawn next to the power switch. On Co-op, he will appear as floating numbers to any player that he is not targeting, or has not already targeted, making it very hard to kill him whilst he is running for another player. If killed during Insta-kill or with a Nuke he will only drop a Max Ammo.


Space Monkey

These little things are the Hellhounds of Ascension, except ten times worse; their health will continue to increase over time, and they have a very annoying habit of stealing your Perks. To do this they will run towards a Perk machine of a Perk that you have, and will begin attacking it. The Perk icon will begin to flash and a sound will play (except for Mule Kick, which has no warning sound) and after long enough, you will lose the Perk and have to re-buy it. This can be disastrous if a monkey steals a Quick Revive whilst you are playing Solo. If you manage to complete the monkey wave without a single Perk machine even being touched, the last monkey will drop a Perk bottle power-up, alongside the Max Ammo which you will always get from completing a monkey round.


George A. Romero

George is a large Zombie that will spawn upon beginning a game of Call of the Dead. He has an incredible amount of health, and can withstand an entire Ray Gun, and most likely your other weapon as well. He has more health the more players there are, and with 4 it can take over 1,000 Ray Gun shots to finally kill. When calm, George will lumber slowly towards you, yelling that he needs you back on set. When shot, he will turn into a raging monster, roar, smash his giant stage light on the ground, and begin to run at you. This can be very dangerous, and it has been known for George to corner players with his size so that they cannot move. To calm him down, lure him into the water. Or, you can temporarily calm him down with the V-R11. He can also electrify other Zombies, so when they hit you, they will shock you, and he can also increase their run speed. When killed, he will drop either a Death Machine power-up, or a Lightning is Power power-up if you have completed either of the Call of the Dead Easter eggs. He will also drop a Perk bottle alongside this. If lured into any embodiment of water that is not in the ship, you can shoot George with the V-R11 Lazarus, and he will slowly walk underneath the water and out of sight. He will not drop any power-ups if you do this. If killed, or sent away with the Lazarus, he will respawn after 2 rounds.


Zombie Monkey

Zombie monkeys of Shangri-La really like power-ups, and if you do not pick them up in time, they will steal the power-up and run off with it. The power up will appear on the monkey’s back, and while it is there, the power-up will cycle through the various power-ups you can obtain. This can be handy, as you can turn a Carpenter into a Max Ammo if you follow the monkey. If they reach the temple in the spawn room, you can consider it lost, as they will enter the temple and you can see a tiny little jet trail fly away from the top of the temple. Perk bottles can be obtained from monkeys, but it is difficult – the power-up must start as a Max Ammo, and the bottle will only appear for a split second before swapping to the next power-up. If you find out where the bottle is in the cycle, you can follow the monkey and quickly blast it the micro-second it appears. The best weapons to do this are explosives (if you are using a China Lake or M72 Law, make sure you are aiming down sight first), the Ray Gun or 31-79 JGb 215, and shotguns. If you pick up a power-up before a Monkey can steal it, they will attempt to attack you instead. If you shoot the monkey before it hits you, you will be rewarded 500 points. If it hits you, you will lose a small amount of points and will no longer be able to kill it for 500 points.



Starting on round 4, Shrieker Zombies can spawn once a round, but won’t always spawn. These Zombies run very fast, and upon seeing you will release a loud shriek which will temporarily blur your vision, making it very difficult to see. These have slightly increased health, but should not be too hard to kill if you have good weapons. Upon death, all nearby Zombies will grasp their ears and die if the Shrieker was killed mid-shriek. These only spawn on Shangri-La.


Napalm Zombies

These share the trait of spawning once a round with Shriekers after round 4. These have a large amount of health and on low rounds can tank multiple Ray Gun shots. These will walk very slowly, and when approached (normally around knife distance) the Napalm Zombie will combust, exploding in a fiery ball of death, damaging (and possibly killing) you, killing all Zombies in the blast radius, and leaves a patch of fire behind on death. This will damage you when walked in, and all Zombies that step in it will immediately die. When killed, rather than walked close to, you will be rewarded 300 points. When in water, Napalm Zombies have their health reduced to the health of a normal Zombie, making them much easier to kill. These only spawn on Shangri-La.


Astronaut Zombie

These Zombies appear on Moon, and are very, very annoying. These will spawn at most once a round, and when they get close to you, they will grab you, and if they hold onto you long enough (which is a very short space of time) they will teleport you to somewhere random on the map, and steal one of your Perks. These Zombies have mightily increased health as well, and can consume a large amount of your Ammo, sometimes every round. These Zombies will slowly hover towards you, and when killed, will explode, which will propel you backwards (dealing no damage) and kill any Zombies in the blast radius. Astronauts will also have a random name above their head, which is to try and trick you into thinking it is one of your friends, and so you ignore it and it gets you. This does not really work in Solo, as there is nobody else to confuse it with. A good trick is to only kill the Astronaut in emergency situations, and avoid him as much as possible. If he spawns on a low round, he will be easy to kill with more powerful weapons if he corners you. However, if you keep killing him, his health will be incredibly high, and will be near impossible to take out if he corners you.








Power-Ups are buffs that are randomly dropped by Zombies. Most of these are very useful, and sometimes must be relied upon to survive. They last for a certain amount of time and will disappear if not picked up quickly. To pick them up simply walk through them.

Max Ammo

“I need one of those… floating, green, ammo container thingies!” – Nikolai

Max Ammos instantly refill everyone’s ammo. ALWAYS reload before taking a Max Ammo, as it does not fill your current clip.



“Oorah!” – Dempsey

Insta-kill power-ups appear as a floating green skull. When picked up, Insta-kill will last for 30 seconds, and during this time any damage will one hit a Zombie. Even bouncing a grenade off the Zombie will kill it. It is advised, if possible, to knife during Insta-kill on low rounds when points are needed. On higher rounds, throw all your grenades towards Zombie spawn points, and if you have a bullet weapon, spray it at hordes. George A. Romero, Shriekers, Napalm Zombies and Astronauts are not affected by Insta-kill.


Double Points

“More Score!” – Richtofen

Double Points is exactly what it says on the tin – you will earn double points for 30 seconds. Paired with Insta-kill, you can amass an incredible amount of points very quickly. On higher rounds, you can spray fast-firing bullet weapons into hordes and also rack up large numbers of points. The Double Points appears as a large floating “x2”.



“Kaboom!” – Demonic Announcer

The Nuke appears as the shape of the Fat Man Nuclear Bomb dropped in August 1945, and when picked up will kill all Zombies on the map at once and award all players 400 points. This is doubled to 800 during Double Points. George A. Romero, Shriekers, Napalm Zombies and Astronauts are not affected by the Nuke.



“Well, this place did need a re-model.” – Richtofen

The Carpenter will re-build all the windows that Zombies spawn from across the entire map at once and award all players 200 points. This is doubled to 400 during Double Points. This power-up is generally regarded as useless and sometimes more of a pain than a help, as it slows down Zombie spawns. The Carpenter appears as a floating green hammer.


Death Machine

“If only divorce was this easy.” – Nikolai

The Death Machine appears as a floating blue cluster of bullets, and when picked up will grant the player who took it a Death Machine with unlimited ammo for 30 seconds. This can be very helpful on low and medium rounds, and can take a very large chunk out of George A. Romero’s health if the entire Death Machine is used at him. Aim for his head for extra damage. On higher rounds these should be avoided, as the Death Machine begins to no longer kill Zombies and you cannot sprint while holding it, and you also have a reduced movement speed. This power up can only be obtained on Ascension, Call of the Dead, and Moon.


Fire Sale

“Cheap guns. God bless America!” – Sarah Michelle Gellar

The Fire Sale appears as a large floating Price Tag which reads “Sale!!” For 30 seconds, all the mystery boxes on the map will spawn at once, and the price of the mystery box is reduced down to 10 points. If you can, open multiple boxes as once – this will help you get more spins in per Fire Sale. This power-up is only obtainable on Kino der Toten, “Five”, Ascension, Call of the Dead, Shangri-La, and Moon.




Lightning is Power

“Now WHY would I need a Waffle-Maker at a time LIKE THIS?” – Robert Englund

This power up is only obtainable on Call of the Dead, and the player is rewarded this power-up upon either completing either of the Easter eggs, or when George A. Romero is killed after completing either of said Easter eggs. This will grant the player a Wunderwaffe DG-2, which will disappear when the player runs out of ammo. Max Ammos will refill the Wunderwaffe. It cannot be Pack-a-Punched, and while you have this power-up active, you cannot switch weapons, so you are stuck with it until it runs out. Picking up a Death Machine will cause you to lose your Wunderwaffe. The Wunderwaffe does only 1 point of damage to George, so it is advised not to shoot him with it. This power-up appears as a floating blue hail of bullets, identical to the Death Machine.


Bonfire Sale

The Bonfire Sale is dropped by the Pentagon Thief if successfully killed without any weapons being stolen. All teleporters (except the pack-a-punch room teleporter, which will function as normal) will lead straight into the pack-a-punch room, regardless of DEFCON level, and the pack-a-punch machine cost is reduced to 1000 points.


Perk Bottle

The Perk bottle will grant players a random Perk that they do not already have on the spot. This can be a disadvantage sometimes, as you may get a Perk you do not want. This power-up is the only way to have more than 4 Perks at a time.


Random Weapon

These power-ups are only found on Moon, after throwing a Quantum Entanglement Device. When picked up, the weapon you are currently holding will be replaced by a randomly selected weapon, which can also be Pack-a-Punched. This appears as a blue floating hail of bullets, identical to the Death Machine.


Bonus Points

“Points for Everybody!” – Takeo

This power-up is spawned also from a Quantum Entanglement Device. When picked up, all players will receive a random number of points. It is possible to get up to 50,000 points. This appears as a floating green “$” except with a Z instead of S and two lines instead of one.


















Perks are near essential for survival. Each Perk will give you a buff which will last until you down – in which case, you will lose all your Perks and must buy them again. Perks can have varying affects, from boosting your run speed to making headshots second nature.


Quick Revive

“I fudgeING HATE FISH!” - Dempsey

Quick Revive costs 500 points in solo mode, and 1500 in co-op. In solo, when downed with Quick Revive, it will not be game over, and you will down just like in co-op. You will then be revived after a short space of time and can continue the fight. However, you may only purchase Quick Revive 3 times before it disappears in solo mode, to prevent you from lasting forever. You will be granted a Mustang and Sally to shoot Zombies with whilst down, unless you have another suitable secondary. In co-op, you will revive teammates twice as fast if you have this Perk. This Perk appears on every map except Nacht der Untoten.



“This will enhance my defensive capabilities two-fold.” - Robert McNamara

Considered the beast Perk in Zombies, this will grant you double health. This is near essential for long-term survival, as it is very easy to take more than one hit, which is all you need for death without Juggernog. You will not get very far without this, and is your priority #1 to purchase after turning the power on. Juggernog costs 2500 points. This Perk appears on every map except Nacht der Untoten.


Speed Cola

“Hmm… that’s a spicy drink! Hope it doesn’t come out that way!” – Nikolai

Speed Cola will double your reload speed, which can be very useful in a pinch, and is also very helpful for points hoarding. This is also helpful for reloading for Max Ammos, as you do not always have the time to complete you reload before being forced to take the power-up. Speed Cola costs 3000 points. This Perk appears on every map except Nacht der Untoten.

Double Tap Root Beer

“Thank you, comrade Cowboy.” – Nikolai

Double Tap Root Beer speeds up your rate of fire by 30%. This can be helpful for point hoarding and killing Zombies quicker. Some say this Perk is a waste as it uses ammo unnecessarily. Double Tap costs 2000 points. This Perk appears on every map except Nacht der Untoten and Ascension.



“With this the Doctor can go for a very long time! Does that turn you on?” – Richtofen

Stamin-Up is a very useful Perk, which increases your run speed and sprint distance. This is very helpful for training, as you can get around Zombies quicker. It is also helpful for traversing large maps, as you can cover more ground in less time. This Perk costs 2000 points. It appears on Ascension, Call of the Dead, Shangri-La and Moon.


PhD Flopper

“Am I supposed to drink this or eat it?” –Nikolai

PhD Flopper is regarded as another of the best Perks – with this; you cannot harm yourself with explosive damage. This pairs very well with the Mustang and Sally, and the Ray Gun, as you can shoot it as close to yourself as you like and not die. This can let you clear Zombies all around if you are overwhelmed. You take no fall damage with this Perk. Also, if you dolphin dive off a ledge which you would normally take damage, an explosion will go off damaging all Zombies in the radius, awarding 50 points per kill. This will eventually stop killing Zombies, but creating large swarms of crawlers, and then not killing at all. This Perk costs 2000 points and appears on Ascension, Call of the Dead, Shangri-La, and Moon.


Deadshot Daiquiri

“Now I can aim and be drunk at the same time! Perfection!” – Nikolai

Deadshot Daiquiri will change your auto-aim feature to the head, and also remove any idle sway from all weapons whilst aiming down sight. This can be useful if you are killing George A. Romero with a sniper rifle. The auto-aim feature does not work on PC. This Perk costs 1500 points, and 1000 on PC. This appears on Call of the Dead, Shangri-La, and Moon.


Mule Kick

“Aah, finally, a cold cerveza. Tastes like a freaking import, but it’ll do.” – Dempsey

Mule kick will give the player a 3rd weapon slot. This can be helpful for those who think two weapons isn’t enough. If you down, you will lose the weapon in your 3rd slot, so be careful. When you pack-a-punch a gun, it will go into your 3rd slot, no matter where it was before you Pack-a-Punched it. This Perk appears on every map and costs 4000 points. This Perk originally appeared only on Moon, but was added to every other map via a patch on 27 September 2011. If you are playing offline, Mule Kick will not appear except for on Moon.



Traps appear on the maps Verruckt, Shi no Numa, Der Riese, Kino der Toten, Five, and Ascension. Activating a trap will create a barrier of various types that automatically kill Zombies that walk through it, on any round. Your kill count will not go up when Zombies are killed by the trap, and you gain no points. Activating the traps will costs various amount of points. Traps will also immediately kill players that step in them, unless they have Juggernog. With Juggernog you can survive for a few seconds in the trap before death. A good strategy is to round up a full horde of Zombies, and then run them through the trap, and repeat.


Electroshock Traps

The electroshock traps are barriers of lightning that kill Zombies. These traps cost 1000 points to activate and will last a short amount of time. 2 Electroshock traps can be found on Verruckt, 4 on Shi no Numa, 3 on Der Riese, 4 on Kino der Toten, and 2 on “Five”. This trap recharges after a minute or so, and makes a buzzing sound when it recharges.


Fire Traps

These traps function identically to electroshock traps, and are only different in the fact that these do not slow you down when you step in them. There are 2 Fire traps on Ascension, and one on Kino der Toten. The Kino der Toten fire trap is not a barrier, in fact it is a square in the middle of the room. This trap recharges after a minute or so.


The Flogger

Found only on Shi no Numa, the flogger is a large wooden spiked trap that is hoisted in the air. When activated, it will begin to spin very quickly, decimating all in its path. It is possible to go prone and crawl under this, which is semi-safe as it will kill Zombies trying to hit you, but if you stand up too early you will be immediately downed. This trap costs 750 points to activate and recharges very quickly.




Turrets are not strong, and cost a bit to activate. They can be found on Kino der Toten and Ascension. These will shoot at Zombies until they turn off, and then must be re-activated for 1500 points after they recharge. These will not kill Zombies consistently and are best Ignored.

















The Mystery Box

This box will provide you with all the weapons you need for high rounds. The guns from the wall will not last you very long. The box will first appear at a random spot – however on some maps, such as Der Riese, Nacht der Untoten and Ascension, the first box spot is designated – and will move around the map the more you use it. Box pulls cost 950 points each, unless a Fire Sale is active, which will reduce the price to a crazy 10 points. That’s 95 pulls for the price of one!

Once you open the box enough times you have a chance of obtaining the teddy bear. This will refund you 950 points and the Mystery Box will teleport to another location. You cannot get the teddy bear on Nacht der Untoten as there is only one box location.

The box location can be determined through various ways. On Shi no Numa, a yellow beam of light will point out its location. On Der Riese, Kino der Toten, Call of the Dead, Shangri-La and Moon, a blue beam of light will point out its location. On Kino der Toten, a board of the map with a green light will also show you were the box is. On Ascension and “Five”, TV screens above each box spot will show you were it is. On Verruckt, you must find the box yourself, as there is no indicator.

On Kino der Toten there are 9 box spots. On “Five” there are 6. On Nacht der Untoten, there is 1. On Verruckt, there are 5. On Shi no Numa, there are 6. On Der Riese, there are 5. On Ascension, there are 6. On Call of the Dead, there are 6. On Shangri-La, there are 4. On Moon, there are 4.








What would Zombies be without weapons? Qwop. Run for hours and hours and never get anywhere. Most weapons are obtained from the Mystery Box, however some are obtained from the wall, and some are obtained on spawn.


Spawn Weapons


The M1911 is the starting pistol, and starts with 8 rounds in the clip and 32 more. This is out of a maximum 80 spare bullets. These bullets quickly get eaten up, as Zombies take about 6 to 8 bullets to kill on round one. These are great for softening up Zombies before knifing them.



The Knife is your trusty sidearm, which you will always have with you. When killing a Zombie with the knife, you will earn 130 points. This is much more than normal, so on low rounds always try and finish off Zombies with the knife.


Frag Grenade

Frag grenades are low-power explosives which are commonly used to create crawlers on low rounds. You are given 2 Frag Grenades every round, and more can be purchased off the wall on Kino der Toten, “Five”, Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi no Numa, Der Riese, and Ascension for 250 points. You can have a maximum of 4 Frag Grenades at a time.








Wall Weapons – Non-classic


The M14 is a semi-automatic assault rifle with 8 ammo in the magazine and 96 spare. This weapon is found in the spawn room of every map, besides Moon. And even then, it is just outside the spawn room. It can be useful for some extra firepower before leaving the spawn room, and is good for headshots if point hoarding. This weapon costs 500 points, and ammo 250.



Always appearing alongside the M14, this wall gun should generally be avoided. It earns you a lot less points than the M14, can kill less Zombies per magazine, has a slow reload, and is generally not as helpful. This can be used however on Shangri-La, if you are attempting to obtain the Perk Bottle power-up without leaving the spawn room as it is much easier to hit the monkeys with it. The Olympia has 2 shots in the magazine and 38 spare, and costs 500 points. Ammo costs 250.



The MP5K costs 1000 points and ammo 500. This is a submachine gun with 30 rounds in the magazine and 120 spare. It has an accurate hipfire and moderate recoil. It has high mobility due to being a submachine gun, and has a slightly slower than average reload. This gun is found on all the non-classic maps. It is a good weapon for low rounds before you have found the mystery box.



The MPL is the second submachine gun found on the wall, and is very similar to the MP5K. The MPL has 24 rounds in the magazine and 120 spare. It has a slightly faster reload than the MP5K. Its damage is the same. It also has an accurate hipfire, and an low recoil, however it does have chunky iron sights that can block vision. The MPL costs 1000 points and ammo costs 500.





A gun generally best avoided, the PM63 has a high rate of fire and low recoil. However, it has little ammo, only 20 in the magazine and 100 spare. It also has a low damage. This gun costs 1000 points and 500 for ammo.



The MP40 appears on Kino der Toten and Call of the Dead, and also on the four classic maps. It costs 1000 points and ammo costs 500. This is arguably the best wall weapon, as it has 32 rounds per clip and 192 spare. It has a low rate of fire, however. It has a swift reload, however the empty reload takes slightly longer.



The AK-74u is another powerful wall weapon. It has 20 rounds in the clip and 160 spare. It has a medium rate of fire and high accuracy, and also sports a quick reload. It has moderate damage, and can still be useful on higher rounds. This weapon costs 1200 points, and ammo 600.



Another weapon generally avoided, the Stakeout is a pump-action shotgun that costs 1500 points. Ammo costs 750. You do not earn very many points using this weapon. It has 6 in the magazine and 54 spare. It reloads one shot at a time, so a full reload can take a while, but a top up of one or two shots is very quick. This has a high damage, but is still not very useful past round 10.



The M16 is a 3-round burst assault rifle that is of moderate power. It is not the best wall weapon, as it is hard to control how many bullets you fire for point hoarding, but is still an efficient weapon, and has good damage, especially if you are aiming for the head. This weapon is very accurate. It has 30 ammo and 120 spare. This weapon is commonly purchased on Kino der Toten, as it is right next to the most common training area. It costs 1200 points and ammo 600.



Bowie Knife

The Bowie Knife is an upgrade to your melee weapon, that lasts with you until your death. It costs 3000 points, and you will be able to one-hit Zombies until round 9 with this. It is helpful for taking out crawlers or stray Zombies on high rounds without wasting ammo. This can also be found on the classic map Der Riese.



The Sickle is another version of the Bowie Knife, found only on Ascension and Call of the Dead. The only difference between the two is that they look different.



Buying Semtex will replace your Frag Grenades for until your death. They function the same as Frags, and have the same damage, except that Semtex will stick to surfaces and will not explode in your hand when cooked. These cost 250 points.



Claymores are equipment which you can buy for 1000 points. Every round you will be given 2 Claymores for use against Zombies. Claymores can be placed, and when a Zombie walks in front of it, the Claymore will explode in a large forwards blast. This can miss if the Zombie is too quick and steps over the Claymore before it explodes. These are quite powerful and are very helpful when running low on ammo. They are also very light, and if you have 2 heavy weapons, you can hold a Claymore while running instead.



The Spikemores can be obtained on Shangri-La. The only difference they have between regular Claymores is that they look different, and are used for the Easter egg.




Wall weapons – Classic


The Kar98k is a bolt-action rifle that costs 200 points. It has low damage, a low rate of fire, a small magazine size, and a slow reload. It has 5 shots per magazine and 50 spare. Avoid unless you have no other options. Ammo costs 100. Found on all Classic maps except Shi no Numa



The Arisaka is a re-skin of the Kar98k, with the same damage, magazine size, fire rate, reload time, and cost. Found only on Shi no Numa. Avoid unless you are unfortunate enough to have to other choice.


Gewehr 43

A semi-automatic rifle similar to the M14, however it costs 600 points and ammo 300. This has a magazine size of 10 rounds and 120 spare. It has a low fire cap (so it cannot be spam-fired, thus giving it a slow rate of fire), an average reload speed, moderate damage, and high accuracy.


M1 Carbine

Another semi-automatic rifle, this one costs the same as the Gewehr and has a magazine size of 15 with 120 spare. Also has a low fire cap, moderate damage, but has a slightly slower reload. It costs 600 points and 300 for ammo.


Double-Barrelled Shotgun

This shotgun is not useful for low rounds, as it does not grant many points, but has a good damage which can be useful into the medium rounds. This is very useful on Der Riese against the Hellhounds. It has 2 ammo in the magazine and 60 spare, a slow reload, and costs 1200 points. Ammo costs 600. The Double-Barrelled shotgun also comes in a sawed-off variant, which functions the same, but has shorter range but a larger damage up close. This sawed-off version is only available on Verruckt.




M1897 Trench gun

This is a pump-action shotgun which costs 1500 points and 750 for ammo. This has a high damage which is also useful against Hellhounds, but you should not use this on low rounds as you will not earn very many points. It has 6 ammo and 60 spare.



An assault rifle with moderate damage, a slow rate of fire and high recoil, with a fast reload and decent magazine size, the STG-44 is a very useful wall weapon. This cannot be obtained on Nacht der Untoten. It has 30 rounds in the clip and 180 spare. This is a good point hoarding weapon.



The Thompson is arguably the best wall gun in the game. A high rate of fire, high damage, fast reload, and moderate recoil, all in a light package costing 1200 points. Ammo costs 600.It is very useful for point hoarding due to the fire rate, and is also good for killing Zombies in general due to the damage.



This weapon is expensive and earns you little points. It has a very low rate of fire, but exceptionally high damage. It has 20 rounds in the magazine and 180 spare. Do not purchase this weapon, as it costs 1800 points on Nacht der Untoten and Shi no Numa, and 2500 on Verruckt.


The Sniper Cabinet

On Nacht der Untoten, there is a Cabinet which can be opened for 1500 points. Inside you will find a scoped Kar98k, which will automatically be purchased and replace your current weapon upon opening the cabinet. This has higher damage than the Kar98k, a scope for long ranges, reloads one shot at a time, and ammo costs a mere 380. However, Nacht der Untoten is a very small map, so this is not recommended, unless you wish to take out Zombies that have not entered the map yet. Aim for the head with this to earn more points.



Bouncing Betty

The Bouncing Betty can be purchased for 1000 points and you will be given 2 per round. These can be placed anywhere you like. When Zombies walk over or close by them, the Betty will “bounce” into the air and explode, dealing a good amount of damage. Bouncing Betties can be hoarded by placing them in corners, and then taking them when you need them.






















Mystery Box Weapons


The CZ75 is a pistol that is obtainable from the Mystery Box. It is of moderate power, a moderate fire rate, a decent clip size of 15 rounds, with 120 spare.


CZ75 Dual Wield

The CZ75 can also be obtained Dual Wield from the box, but with 12 ammo per magazine and 228 spare. This has low accuracy due to not being able to aim. When wielding these, you will have the highest mobility in the game, which is paired with the Spectre and Ballistic Knife.



The Python is a revolver with 6 rounds in the chamber and 84 spare. It has exceptionally high damage, but a slow reload and magazine size to compensate. It also has high recoil.



The M72 LAW is a rocket launcher with 1 shot in the chamber and 20 spare. This weapon has a low mobility and slow handlings, and must be aiming down sight before firing. It has a slow reload and the rocket has moderate damage. Avoid this unless you have PhD and/or plan on upgrading it.


China Lake

Barely classifying as a weapon, the China Lake is a pump-action grenade launcher with 2 shots in the chamber and 20 spare. It is faster to reload after every shot than pump it. The grenades have low damage and only explode if they travel a certain distance. It is incredibly slow and unwieldy. Avoid at all costs.


Explosive-Tipped Crossbow

The Crossbow is an interesting weapon, similar to the M72 LAW, except with much faster handling traits, and can also be hipfired. It has 1 shot and 12 spare. The bolt will stick to surfaces before exploding, and has moderate damage. The bolt itself can do moderate damage before exploding if it sticks to a Zombie, and you can get headshots with this weapon. The Crossbow is not available on Moon.


Ballistic Knife

The Ballistic Knife has a niche role, and is not very useful for most situations. However, if paired with the Bowie Knife, you can slash your war through hordes of Zombies with relative ease. It also boasts the highest mobility in the game, which ties with the CZ75 Dual Wield and the Spectre. This makes training very efficient with this weapon. It has 1 shot and 4 spare, however knives can be retrieved from where they land. The knives do low damage, and award 130 points if a Zombie is killed with them.



The Galil is a powerful assault rifle with high damage, a large magazine, low recoil, and moderate mobility. It has a slower than average reload. It has 35 Ammo in the magazine and 315 spare. This is a very good weapon to have in medium rounds.



The AUG has a very fast fire rate and high damage. It is equipped with an ACOG scope and has moderate recoil. It has 30 shots in the clip and 270 spare. The high damage and fire rate on this weapon makes it ideal for point hording and general killing of Zombies.



The Commando is similar to the AUG, except fire rate is swapped out for accuracy. This gun is basically a full-auto M16, and has 30 ammo with 270 spare. It is very accurate and has high damage, and is very powerful for killing Zombies, especially when aiming for headshots.



Normally avoided, but sometimes used, this weapon’s main downfall is its lack of ammo. It has a Low-power scope attached for accurate shooting. It is 3 round burst, very, very accurate, and has high damage and a high rate of fire. It is very good for getting headshots, due to the scope. It also has a very large clip, with 48 shots. However, it only has 144 spare.



This weapon is powerful, but like the G11, it has low ammo. It has 30 in the clip and 150 spare. This weapon has a blitzing fire rate, and can dish out very high damage. It is also accurate and has a fast reload. However it does not take long before it is out of ammo, so make sure you have a new means of defence close at hand.



The FN FAL is a semi-automatic rifle with decent power and a moderate fire cap. This weapon is very accurate and is good for headshots, which in turn is good points hoarding. This weapon becomes very powerful if you have a good trigger finger. It has 20 rounds in the clip and 180 spare. It has a fast reload and moderate mobility.



The Dragunov is a semi-automatic sniper rifle with moderate damage, a moderate fire rate, low accuracy, and a magazine of 10 rounds. This gun has high recoil, so it is best avoided by anybody except the best of snipers. This weapon is only really useful on Call of the Dead, shooting George in the Head when upgraded, which can kill him insanely quickly.



The L96A1 is a bolt-action sniper rifle with moderate damage (but very good headshot damage), a slow rate of fire, 5 rounds in the magazine, 45 spare, and has a slower than average reload. This is also best avoided on most maps, however on Call of the Dead, when upgraded can be very useful against George A. Romero, dealing incredible damage if shot in the head.



The Spectre is a submachine gun that boasts the highest mobility tied with the CZ75 Dual Wield and the Ballistic Knife. It has low damage but a very good fire rate. It has low ammo as well, 30 in the magazine and 120 spare. Avoid this unless you are using it for training, and not killing, as it will not do much damage overall.



The HK21 is a light machine gun that has a low fire rate but a very large magazine and high damage. It has 125 in its magazine and 500 spare. This weapon has very slow traits, with low mobility, aim speed, and reload time. However it is very powerful for holding down positions and taking out Zombies. This is the one of the preferred non-wonder weapons of many Zombies players.



The RPK is another light machine gun, with a high fire rate and low recoil. It has high damage and a large magazine size, with 100 and 400 spare. It has slow handling characteristics such as slow mobility, slow aim time, and slow reload. However its heavy power more than makes up for this.



The SPAS-12 is a semi-automatic shotgun that has 8 rounds in the chamber in 32 spare. This has medium damage, and has a good fire rate, and can kill Zombies quickly up close. Accuracy is not a problem with this weapon. Despite its strength, it is best replaced with something more versatile.



The HS10 is a shotgun with 6 rounds and 36 spare. It has decent power, and slightly more range than the SPAS-12, however reloads slower and has a smaller clip. Also not a good choice for general killing, or points gathering.





Wonder Weapons

Wonder weapons are obtained from the Mystery Box, and are rarer than other weapons, making them harder to obtain. These weapons have incredible power, and can make surviving against the Zombies much easier.


Ray Gun

“Do you like my glowing green balls?!” – Richtofen

The Ray Gun is a powerful pistol available on every single Zombies map. It fires shots that have an explosive (albeit small) radius and high damage at a moderate fire rate. It is fully automatic. This weapon will eventually stop killing Zombies effectively, but is still useful to have, as it still has much higher damage than other weapons which are not even able to dent Zombies by the time the Ray Gun stops killing. The Ray Gun has 20 shots in the magazine and 160 spare.



“I think that one hit the sky. Holy Crap!” – Dempsey

The Thundergun is a weapon of immense power. Capable of killing an entire horde of Zombies in one shot at any round, this weapon is a force to be reckoned with, and is widely considered the most powerful in the game. It is very useful for getting out of corners, as Zombies will just be blown away by its power. It is also very good for high rounds, as it is the only thing that can kill once you get far enough. It has a decent mobility, a moderate reload speed, 2 rounds in the clip, and 12 spare. The Thundergun can be obtained on Nacht der Untoten, Kino der Toten, and Ascension.


Monkey Bomb

“fudge you, Monkey!” - Nikolai

The Monkey Bomb is a special grenade that will attract Zombies when thrown. This is very handy if you need to revive a teammate, or if you are being surrounded. It takes a second or two to arm the bomb, so make sure you have time to throw it. You will not be given extra Monkey Bombs every round, and you must obtain more from Max Ammo drops. The Monkey Bombs are available on Kino der Toten, “Five”, Shangri-La, Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi no Numa, and Der Riese.


Wunderwaffe DG-2

“Feel the lighting surge through you!” – Richtofen

The Wunderwaffe DG-2 is a powerful lightning gun that is capable of killing 10 Zombies on any round with a single shot. The lightning must strike on Zombie, and it will arc towards 9 others, killing them all instantly. 200,000 amps of electrical power is quite a lot. This weapon has a very slow reload, but with speed cola is not as bad. This weapon has 3 ammo in the clip and 15 spare.


Winter’s Howl

“Why don’t you just… chill out.” – JFK

The Winter’s Howl is a pistol obtainable on “Five” and Verruckt. It shoots a large cloud of frost, which will slow down, damage, and eventually freeze Zombies in a block of Ice. The Winter’s Howl does not have much ammo, at 6 in the magazine and 24 in reserve. This weapon stops one-hit killing Zombies quite early, and stops being useful at around round 25 to 30. The Zombies that are slowed down have severely reduced health, which makes them easy to kill. This can help slow down the Pentagon Thief to stop him stealing your weapons, and is very good for hitting him whilst you cannot see him. This weapon is also very effective during Insta-kill, as it will freeze all Zombies immediately regardless of round, and will pass through all the Zombies, taking out dozens with a single shot.


Gersch Device

“I have black hole now, just like 3rd wife! We won’t talk about that.” – Nikolai

The Gersch Device is a special grenade which, when thrown, will generate a black hole which sucks Zombies in. This is a very useful item, as it has the same power as the Monkey Bomb, except it kills them whatever round you are on, unlike the Monkey, which does mediocre damage. It also generates power-ups, which the Thundergun and Traps do not do. If you jump into the black hole, you will be randomly teleported somewhere in the map. Doing so will cause another black hole to spawn where you landed, but this does not suck in Zombies and you cannot jump back through it. When Space monkeys are sucked in, they are not killed, just teleported somewhere else. They will pull the Astronaut Zombie towards the black hole, but it will not suck it in, and when the Gersch disappears, it will walk towards you as normal. However, this has been known to glitch – once the black hole dissipates, the Astronaut will sometimes fly at you, backwards, at incredible speed – so it is advised not to throw them near Astronauts. If thrown too close to a window, they are able to depressurize them after the black hole disappears. These can be obtained on Ascension and Moon.


Matryoshka Doll

“Just what I need, a crappy Russian toy!” – Dempsey

The Matryoshka Doll is a cluster grenade that goes in the same slot as Gersch Devices. The Dolls can be obtained on Call of the Dead and Ascesnion. These have high damage, but are difficult to be precise with. When one is launched it will land, and multiple Dolls of various colours will fly out from that, and they will all explode. These are much worse than Gersch Devices, and the only place you should keep these is if you are playing Call of the Dead, as there is no other special grenade there.



“Oh my!... Does this come with a manual?” – Robert Englund

The Scavenger is a sniper rifle obtained on the map Call of the Dead. When fired, the shot will initially do no damage. After a few seconds, it will then go off with a colossal, screen-shaking explosion. This weapon is very powerful, and will one-hit Zombies up until round 33. Afterwards, it will create hundreds of crawlers. It is also a very powerful weapon to use against George, and you should empty this weapon on him every time you see a Max Ammo. This has 3 ammo in the magazine and 15 spare.



“Oh, you know what? I ain’t got no idea where this shizzle comes from, but I like it!” – Michael Rooker

The V-R11 is a wonder weapon that converts Zombies back into humans. These humans will then run to the nearest lake and drown themselves in it. Zombies will chase this human until it dies, serving as a good distraction. Every time a Zombie hits the human, you earn 10 points. This will also cool down George for a short amount of time if he is angry. It only hits 1 Zombie at a time, and converts on any round. It has 3 ammo and 9 spare.


31-79 JGb215

“Shrink! No, I’m a real doctor. HAHA! You see what I did there, with the joking!” – Richtofen

The 31-79 JGb215 is a powerful shrink-ray that can be obtained on Shangri-La. When Zombies have been shrunk, they have only 1 point of health, and they can be 1 hit by anything, including running directly into them. This is very useful, as it allows you to generate power-ups, whilst weapons such as the Thundergun could not do so. Zombies are usually taken out with an explosive after being shrunk. A good tactic is to get the horde of Zombies stuck in the bamboo spikes. Throw a Semtex at the wall next to them, and just as it is about to blow up, shoot the horde with the 31-79 JGb215. It will shrink all 24 just as the explosive goes off, killing the entire horde.


Quantum Entanglement Device

“Oh how I love a good gamble! But only when I win.” – Richtofen

The Quantum is an unpredictable special grenade which has a large number of possible effects – some bad, some good. These are only obtainable on Moon and can only be refilled by Max Ammo’s.

When thrown, the QED can:

1. Create an explosion, just like the Astronaut Zombie

2. Spawn a random weapon which will spin in a circle firing itself. These weapons include: the Ray Gun, the China Lake, the M72 LAW, the Python, the SPAS-12, the CZ75 with or without Dual Wield. Be VERY careful, as these show no mercy, even when aimed at you.

3. Create a black hole just like the Gersch Device

4. Revive a teammate.

5. Spawn the Random Weapon power-up.

6. Create the explosion of the Matryoshka Doll

7. Open or close a door, if near one.

8. Create a Lightning bolt, just like the Wunderwaffe DG-2.

9. Generate a colossal explosion to rival the Scavenger.

10. Spawn a Frag or Semtex grenade.

11. Teleport the thrower and/or teammates to somewhere random on the map.

12. Spawn a random power-up.

13. Convert all Zombies in range into humans.

14. Spawn the Bonus point power up.

15. Spawn a Fire Sale power-up.

16. Spawn a red Fire sale power-up. When picked up, the Box will move far from the player and the price will increase to 1900 points per spin.

17. Spawn a red Perk bottle power-up which will take away a random Perk.

18. Spawn a Max Ammo power-up.

19. Spawn a red Max Ammo power-up. When picked up, all players lose all their reserve ammo.

20. Spawn more Zombies.

21. Down all players close to it.

22. Spawn a Death Machine.

23. Pack-a-Punch everybody’s current weapon who are in the radius on the spot.

24. Spawn a Perk bottle power-up.

25. Do nothing.

If thrown at an Astronaut Zombie, there is a good chance the QED will kill it.


Wave Gun / Zap Gun Dual Wield

“Ding! Snacks ready! Who wants spleen?” – Samantha Maxis

The Zap Gun Dual Wield is a set of mini-Wunderwaffe DG-2’s. The Zap Guns shoot lightning just like the Wunderwaffe; however it does not arc between Zombies. The Zap Guns have 8 shots in each clip and 64 in reserve. You can also pair the Zap Guns together to create the Wave Gun. The Wave Gun has its own ammo, separate from the Zap Guns. The Wave Gun fires a beam that will pass through all Zombies in its path. Upon being hit, the Zombie will begin to slowly swell up like a balloon and pop, killing it instantly on any round. This is basically the same power as the Thundergun, however it has a smaller radius, so getting out of corners is not as easy. The Astronaut Zombie is immune to the Wave Gun and Zap Guns.


“Pack-a-punch? Oh my god, I think it makes Vodka!” – Nikolai

The Pack-a-punch machine can be used to upgrade almost every wieldable weapon in the game. Pack-a-punching will leave your gun with a silvery black chromed finish and give it a purple muzzle flash, alongside a laser sound upon firing. It costs 5000 points to upgrade your weapon. The Pack-a-Punch machine must be found before it can be used, and you need to earn access to it on each map that it can be found.


How to find the Pack-a-Punch

Kino der Toten

Link the teleporter found on the stage to the mainframe found in the spawn room, and then run back to the stage teleporter and use that. You will be put in the Pack-a-Punch room for 30 seconds before being teleported out again.



Hit all four DEFCON switches in the war room. 2 can be found on the cat walk, and 2 below it. Run into any teleporter and you will be given access to the Pack-a-Punch machine for roughly one minute. After that you may stay in the Pack-a-Punch room, but the wall will flip around and it will disappear until you leave the Pack-a-Punch room and hit all the switches again, or get a Bonfire Sale.


Der Riese

You must link all 3 teleporters found around the map to the mainframe in the spawn room. Once you begin to initiate a link, you have 30 seconds to run back to the mainframe. One if found and the very end of the map. The other 2 are found on opposite sides of the map. Once all 3 are linked the door in front of Pack-a-Punch will fully slide down and let you use the machine.



To get access to the Pack-a-Punch on Ascension, you must ride on all 3 Lunar Landers to the spawn room, and then launch the rocket from the power room. For added coolness, shoot the rocket twice with any explosive as it flies. The Lunar Landers can be found at various positions on the map – One up the top near Speed Cola, one near PhD, and one past Stamin-up at the very end of the map. Once you launch the rocket the large door will slide open and grant you access to the machine.


Call of the Dead

Once the power is activated, the Pack-a-Punch machine will move around the place. It has 3 designated spots, and it will swap between them sporadically. The yellow beam coming from the Lighthouse shows where the Pack-a-Punch machine currently is. If the beam of light is spinning, then the Pack-a-Punch machine is not currently on the map and you must wait for it to spawn. The Machine will always be in the freezing water, so be quick and careful when upgrading.



Scattered around the map are four pressure plates. If you are playing Solo, only one will be active. If you are playing with 2 players, 2 will be active, and so on. All active pressure plates must be pressed down at the same time. Once you do this, the stairs to the Pack-a-Punch machine will rise and let you up the temple. After rougly one minute, a torrent of water will cascade down, sending you back to the bottom, and the stairs will sink back into the ground.



The Pack-a-Punch machine is located at Area 51, and all you have to do is take the teleporter from outside the Bio dome back to Area 51 and use it there.







Pack-a-Punched Weapons


When Pack-a-Punched the M1911 becomes the Mustang and Sally. The Mustang and Sally are dual-wield pistols, which fire grenades, have 6/6/50 Ammo, have high mobility, a high fire rate, a fast reload, and high damage. The only problem with this apparently perfect combination of traits is that it is very easy to blow yourself up with these, unless you have PhD Flopper. However, with the two paired, you are almost impossible to take down.



The MP5K becomes the MP115 Kollider. It has increased damage and 40 ammo per clip, and 200 spare. Ammo costs 4500.



The MPL becomes the MPL-LF, gains a red dot sight, increased damage, and has 40 ammo per clip, with 200 spare. Ammo costs 4500.



The MP40 becomes the Afterburner, which has increased damage and a mag size of 64, with 192 spare. Ammo costs 4500.



The PM63 becomes the Tokyo and Rose, which are dual-wield, have 25 ammo per clip and 225 spare. It also gets a slightly longer reload. Ammo costs 4500.



The AK-74u becomes the AK-74FU2. It gains a red dot sight, a magazine size of 40 with 280 spare ammo, and increased damage. Ammo costs 4500.



The Stakeout becomes the Raid. This grants it a grip, giving it a slightly faster fire rate, increased damage, a magazine of 10, (which reloads 2 at a time), 60 spare ammo, and a longer range. Ammo costs 4500.



The M16 becomes the Skullcrusher. This makes it fully automatic, and gives it an underbarrel grenade launcher. The grenade launcher has 1 shot and 9 spare, and will be replenished alongside bullets when ammo is purchased. This grenade has an extraordinary radius. It has 30 ammo and 270 reserves. It also gains more damage. Ammo costs 4500.



The Kar98k becomes the Armageddon. It gains an 8 round magazine, with 60 spare. It also gains double damage and increased multipliers.


Gewehr 43

The Gewehr 43 becomes the G115 Compressor. It gains increased damage, and a slightly larger magazine of 12 rounds with 170 spare.


M1 Carbine

The M1 Carbine becomes the Widdershins RC-1. It becomes fully-automatic, has higher damage, and has a max capacity of 150 ammo with a 15 round clip.


Double-Barrelled Shotgun

The Double-Barrelled Shotgun becomes the 24 Bore Long Range. It gains almost triple damage, a faster reload, and a longer range. It has 2 rounds and 60 spare.


M1897 Trench gun

The M1897 Trench gun becomes the Gut Shot. The Gut Shot has 250% more damage, has a magazine size of 10 (which reloads 2 at a time). It also has a longer range. It has 60 spare rounds.



The STG-44 becomes the Spatz-447+. This weapon has a higher fire rate and damage and a 60 round clip with 300 spare.




The Thompson becomes the Gibs-O-Matic, which has higher damage, a higher fire rate, a 40 round magazine and 250 spare ammo.



The CZ75 becomes the Calamity, which is fully-automatic, has double damage, and a 20 round magazine with 240 spare.


CZ75 Dual Wield

The CZ75 Dual Wield becomes the Calamity and Jane, which are both fully-automatic, have double damage and 20 rounds per magazine with 320 spare.



The Python becomes the Cobra. The Cobra has increased minimum damage, a 12 round magazine with 96 spare, and a speed reloader to reload all 12 at once.



The M72 Law becomes the M72 Anarchy, which is fully automatic, has a 10 round magazine and has 40 spare. It also gains extra damage, higher mobility, and can be hip-fired. It also reloads all 10 shots at once.


China Lake

The China Lake becomes the China Beach, which has increased damage, a 5 round magazine with 40 spare. It reloads the entire magazine in one go, has higher mobility, and can be hip-fired. The pump-action is also sped up.


Explosive-Tipped Crossbow

The Explosive-Tipped Crossbow becomes the Awful Lawton. The Awful Lawton has a whopping 625% more explosive damage, and the bolts attract Zombies like a Monkey Bomb. The Bolts take longer to explode, making this more effective.



Ballistic Knife

The Ballistc Knife becomes The Krauss Refibrillator, which has the ability to revive downed teammates if they are shot with the blade. It also gains 9 reserve ammo instead of 4, and has an increased reload speed. It also gains increased melee and shot damage.



The Galil becomes the Lamentation, which has increased damage, is given a red dot sight, and reserve ammo of 490. It has a 35 round magazine.



The AUG becomes the AUG-5OM3, which has increased damage and is given a Masterkey attachment, which has 6 ammo and 18 spare, and reloads 2 at a time. It has 30 shots in the magazine and 390 spare.



The Commando becomes the Predator, which has a 40 round magazine, and has the dual mags attachment. It has 360 ammo spare and also boasts increased damage.



The G11 becomes the G115 Generator, which has increased damage, is fully automatic, and has a 48 round magazine with 288 spare. The Low power scope on the gun also no longer has idle sway.



The Famas becomes the G16-Gl35. The G16-Gl35 has a magazine size of 45 rounds with 225 in reserve, has a red dot sight with a smiley face, and more damage.



The FN FAL becomes EPC WN. This weapon has increased damage, is a 3-round burst, has a 30 round magazine and 360 in reserve.



The Dragunov becomes the D115 Disassembler, which has 333% more damage, has a 10 round magazine with 80 in reserve. It also has a variable zoom attachment.



The L96A1 becomes the L115 Isolator. It has double damage, 8 rounds in the magazine with 72 spare, and a variable zoom attachment.



The Spectre becomes the Phantom, which has increased damage, a 45 round magazine with 225 in reserve, and a reflex sight.



The HK21 becomes the H115 Oscillator, which has a devastating 150 rounds in the magazine with 750 spare. It also gains increased damage.


The RPK becomes the R115 Resonator, which has 125 rounds in the magazine with 500 spare, and increased damage.



The SPAS-12 becomes the SPAZ-24, which is fully automatic. It gains just under double damage, has a 24 round magazine with 72 in reserve, and reloads in just 2 shells.



The HS10 becomes the Typhoid and Mary, which are Dual-wield, have just under double damage, 8 shots in each magazine and 80 spare.





Pack-a-Punched Wonder Weapons

Ray Gun

The Ray Gun becomes the Porter’s X2 Ray Gun, which has double damage, reduced splash, and a 40 round magazine with 200 spare.



The Thundergun becomes the Zeus Cannon, which has 4 ammo in the magazine and 24 in reserve.


Wunderwaffe DG-2

The Wunderwaffe DG-2 becomes the Wunderwaffe DG-3 JZ, which has 6 ammo in the magazine and 30 spare. The DG-3 shoots red lightning and the weapon itself is golden.


Winter’s Howl

The Winter’s Howl becomes the Winter’s Fury. The Winter’s Fury has 9 ammo in its clip and 36 in reserve, and deals increased damage, being able to freeze Zombies on higher rounds in less shots.



The Scavenger becomes the Hyena Infra-dead, boasting an Infra-red scope, 6 rounds in the magazine and 30 in reserve, and deals double damage. The IR scope also has variable zoom.



The V-R11 becomes the V-R11 Lazarus, which has multiple effects. It can be used to send George under the water. If a human is shot twice with the Lazarus, it will explode, earning the player an achievement / trophy if they did not already have it. If you shoot a teammate with the Lazarus, their vision will go red, and they will have Insta-kill and Zombies will ignore them for a short amount of time.




31-79 JGb215

The 31-79 JGb215 becomes the Fractalizer. The Fractalizer has a larger effect, leaves Zombies small for 3 times as long before they return to normal size, and has an 8 round clip with 40 reserve ammo.


Zap Gun Dual Wield / Wave Gun

The Zap Gun Dual Wield becomes the Porter’s X2 Zap Guns, and the Wave Gun becomes the Max Wave Gun. The Zap Guns have increased ammo, having 12 in each clip and 100 spare, and the Max Wave Gun also has increased ammo, having 4 in its magazine and 24 spare.















Point Hoarding

“Points! Points, points, points, points…” – Richtofen

Points are the currency in Zombies. They are needed to buy everything that you need to survive. To make points, you need to kill Zombies. But not many people know how to get the most points out of each Zombie.


Any Damage to an enemy: 10 points

Gun kills: 50 Points

Neck kills: 70 points

Headshot: 100 points

Knife kills: 130 points


The best way to get points is to knife Zombies. On low rounds higher than 1, you must butter up Zombies with bullets before being able to knife them.


On round 1, you may kill a Zombie with one slash. However, Zombies may tank up to 6 bullets from your M1911 to the chest, or 7-8 to the feet, and you will still be able to knife them for full points.

On round 2, you must shoot a Zombie 8 times in the chest with the M1911 or 2 times in the head, and then knife.

On round 3, you must put 10 M1911 bullets in a Zombie before knifing, or 5 times in the head.

On round 4, you must put 16 M1911 bullets in a Zombie before knifing, or 8 times in the head.


By now you should have left the spawn room and obtained a fully-automatic wall weapon. The best choices are the MP5K, the MPL, and the AK-74u. On Classic maps, the best choices are the MP40, the STG-44, and the Thompson. Whichever weapon you get depends on which map you are playing and which way you go.


With ANY wall weapon:

On round 2, shoot the Zombie once in the chest and knife.

On round 3, shoot the Zombie twice in the chest and knife.

On round 4, shoot the Zombie three times in the chest and knife.

On round 5, shoot the Zombie four times in the chest and knife.


And so on. By now you should have enough points to reach the power switch, on whichever map you are playing. The first thing you must do after turning on the power is buy Juggernog. If you do not have enough, and are running low on ammo, buy some from the wall where you originally purchased your gun and continue saving.


On Shangri-La, you can do another strategy. Instead of knifing Zombies, kill them with headshots. When they drop a power-up that is not Double Points, wait. Wait for the Monkey to take the power up and change it to a Double Points. Once I does, quickly kill it and grab the power-up. Then, be very vigilant, and kill the Monkey that comes running towards you. If you do it right, you will earn 1000 points, which is quite a lot on those rounds. If a Zombie drops a Double Points, just take it and kill the Monkey before it hits you. But then take sure you don’t waste the double points, and continue to get headshots. If you get another power-up during the Double Points, take it (unless it is a Nuke) and you can kill the Monkey again for another 1000 points.


Nukes should be avoided on low rounds. They demolish all Zombies on the map, which wastes a lot of points-earning potential.


Another tip for earning more points and saving ammo at the same time is to line up Zombies before you shoot them. Bullets can go through up to 3 Zombies each with no diminished damage per shot. You will earn up to 30 points per bullet instead of 10, which can add up to a lot, especially if you are using the M1911. If you are using your wall weapon to hit Zombies through each other, and are planning on knifing them, all this tactic does is save ammo, as you won’t be able to shoot the Zombie behind the one you just knifed without killing it.


Be economical with your points. If you’re on a low round are just setting up your perks and opening the last few doors, don’t waste it all on the box. There’s a good chance you’ll end up broke, with both bad perks and weapons, which isn’t a good situation. Also, make sure you have at least 2500 points at all times, so when you down, you can run straight to Juggernog. A known co-op situation is when you are stuck – with no weapons, no points, and no perks. If you die with a low amount of points, you’re going to have a very hard time getting back onto your feet. Without money, you’re going to down constantly, and when you get revived, you’re going to down again, losing more points and putting major stress on your co-op partner.


















Trains are the main strategy you will be using. All there is to it – run in a circle. Or a circle. Or a semi-circle. The theory is, if you run, Zombies cannot catch up. So if you run in a circle, they’ll never catch up. Thus never killing you. The only problem with trains is Zombies spawning into the map, and hitting you as you horde them into the train. However, with practice, you can train in the tightest of areas. If you get good enough, you can also run co-op trains, and then merge the 2 hordes you gather before blasting them.


Only 24 Zombies will ever be on the map at once. Once there are 24, no more will spawn. If you kill one, one more will spawn to take its place. If you kill all 24, 24 more will spawn again to take their place. And so this goes on until you exhaust all of the Zombies in the wave, and then you start again. For the sake of this guide, a 24 is going to be called a Horde.


Kino der Toten Trains

The easiest train on Kino der Toten is to run in a big circle around the stage, starting at the M16, and going past the claymores. This will gather all your Zombies behind you, as they will spawn parallel to you, as you run past. The only ones you have to dodge are the ones coming in through the dressing room (which is the MP5K room) and the ones coming up the stairs to the stage.


Another plausible train is to run in a big rectangle around the mainframe in the spawn room. This one is slightly riskier, as the big hulk of debris against the wall can block you.


The third and most difficult, yet most rewarding train in Kino der Toten is the Alleyway train. This one has very fast spawns, and lets you progress through the rounds quickly. Also, no Gas Zombies will spawn using this method. Starting at the top of the Alleyway near the stairs to the Back room, you have to run around the Zombie drop-down locations and along the Movie sign in a straight line, and you’ll find yourself standing on a trash-bag (unless you’ve shot it already). You must then cut around the Zombies running towards you and back up to the stairs to the Back room. Stand in front of the window and shoot your Thundergun. This train should only be tried if you are skilled at training, and do not try it without a Thundergun. This train should really be started at around round 30, otherwise the Zombies will spawn in too slowly and block you.


“Five” Trains

Five has few trains that are executable well, and has a big advantage over the other, however requires some of the best skill Zombie players have seen. The war room train is a very simple, run around it in a circle train, gathering up Zombies behind you and killing them as you go.


The top floor train requires a precise set up and skill to execute well. However, if done correct, you will notice you are blitzing through the rounds. Don’t try this without an Awful Lawton – it’s the only thing that has a chance of saving you once you pass round 35.

You will want 2 of the 6 top floor windows to be inactive – the window to the left of the clocks, and the window to the right of the Olympia. At any time, only 4 of the 6 windows are active at once. To change the windows, you must use the bottom elevator. Using the bottom elevator will randomise the windows. Once you get the correct windows inactive, you will be good to go. Be warned, moving the Mystery Box and changing the DEFCON to 5 then entering the Pack-a-Punch room will randomise the windows.

Starting next to the M14, you must very slowly walk forwards in between the 2 desks, and then through the door to the hallway. Use the trap, and then walk through it. Go to your left, and start again next to the M14. You may have to dodge around Zombies coming through the doorway, but most will be dead due to the trap killing them, so there will only be one or two Zombies.


Nacht der Untoten Trains

You’ve got one choice – the spawn room. You have to run a train in the square near the Help door (which you must keep shut – otherwise, this map dawns on impossible). This is very difficult, as you may not use Juggernog, and only the best can keep this up till the high rounds – you have to do it flawlessly. One mistake and it’s all over.

Verruckt Trains

On Verruckt, the best strategy is a full map train. Starting at the end of the hallway near the STG-44, move slowly but surely through the map, and once you get the whole way through, zap them using the trap near where you started. This takes a while to get good at, as there are many tiny detours to take that help horde up the Zombies quicker. If you are doing this train, wield a Winter’s Howl if you are below round 25, or a Ballistic Knife / CZ75 Dual Wield / Spectre if you are above.


The other train you could pull off is the Thompson room train – running in a circle around the pillar. To do this you will want a Winter’s Howl, and possibly a Ray Gun also. This strategy will not last forever, as killing them will suddenly be a thing of the past once you hit round 35. You’ll definitely want to start map training before round 30. Run in circles around the pillar until you have a full horde and take them out whatever way you like. Train holding the Winter’s Howl, as it will not kill you when you shoot it to get out of sticky situations.


Shi no Numa Trains

Shi no Numa has a 2 easy possible trains. The first is at the flat ground on the Fishing hut side of the Flogger. Just avoid the fence were Zombies jump over and the long grass facing the water and you’ll be fine. You’ve got the flogger right there to kill them if you ever need it also.


Another is run in a big circle around the deck in front of the Comm room. Starting from the entrance to the main building, run towards the small hut and then to the right. Follow the deck around, and jump across the water back to where you started. Kill all the Zombies with your preferred method (usually the Wunderwaffe DG-2) and start again.


Der Riese Trains

Der Riese is best done with a map train, but there is one single room train that is possible.

For the map train, start at the top floor next to Double Tap Root Beer. Stand near the edge, and as soon as a Zombie hits you, drop down, activate the trap and run through. Run all the way up to the STG-44 teleporter room. The hardest part is now – you need to get back through again. Find a way to loop back through, either rounding them up and running back out the door, or using the cat walk (which can be dangerous – it is very easy to get stuck, and unless you are on a low round or have the Awful Lawton, you’re dead) and run back past the trap again. It will normally turn off just as you go to run back through it. Run past the Speed Cola, and activate the trap near the Thompson room. You should be gunning it with your best mobility – if the Zombies catch up and die in the trap, more will spawn at the top of the stairs you are about to go through, and block you. Get through the stairs as quick as possible, and once you are up the stairs, you are safe. Run back to the ledge and start again.


The single room train is done in the STG-44 Teleporter room. Run around it in a circle, and run up the stairs and drop back down (The STG-44 side) if needed to avoid the Zombies. Beware of Hellhounds – a 24 Bore Long Range is your best friend here.


Ascension Trains

On Ascension, you can find the easiest Zombie train of all time. The PhD Flopper area is a large open space with easy spawns. Just run in a circle, and you won’t die. This train is perfect for beginners learning how to train, and how to get to grips with training. You can either run the Zombies through the nearby Fire trap, or kill them with the Thundergun. Once through the Fire trap, run around, up the stairs, and drop down the hole in the wall near the next set of stairs leading to the power switch room.


Another train can be done in the spawn room. This train is also easy, and the some people consider opening no doors on Ascension easier than the entire map Nacht der Untoten itself. All you have to do is run in a circle around the Lander, and go around the places where Zombies drop down. When the Centrifuge spins up, you can crouch underneath it, and it will kill all Zombies that go near it while it is spinning.


The third and fastest strategy is the Pack-a-Punch room strategy. This train can only be started once they have begun spawning quickly, so around 35-40. Start at the entrance to the Pack-a-Punch room (make sure you are inside the Pack-a-Punch room, not outside). When Zombies spawn and begin to get close to you, run in a very gradual semi-circle, around the corner of the hangar and into the corner. Once the Zombies get close again, run back around them to where you started, and shoot them with the Thundergun. This is a very fast strategy, and is not too difficult to execute either. It can ONLY be done if you are using a Thundergun, however. It can also be done co-op, if both of you run together.


Call of the Dead Trains

Considered one of the harder maps due to lack of open training area, only some places are actually good for training. Most get ruining by the presence of George A. Romero.


The best spot is the beach in front of the lighthouse. It has an AK-74u on the wall, is has room for 2 players to train next to each other, has a water spot to keep George calm, and is steep enough for players to dolphin dive and activate the PhD flop.


The next is near the box spot on the floor above the PhD Flopper. Zombies only come from 3 places here (and 2 of these are very close to eachother). You can run under the stairs and in a circle around this spot, even though it is quite tight. Once George arrives, however, you will have to move, as he will block you very quickly due to his slow movement speed – you’ll come back around and run right into him.


Shangri-La Trains

The best way to train on Shangri-La is to use a half-map train. Starting on the MPL side of the spikes near the spawn room, wait for Zombies to get close. Once they do, begin to run towards the tunnel past the MPL and through the geyser room. Keep going, through the power room, and once you leave the power room run straight towards the window ahead. Once the Zombies get close, run to the Geyser, and take it up. Wait near your landing point for all the Zombies to jump up, and then run across the spikes to where you started. Do not jump – you want the spikes there to block the Zombies. Once all the Zombies are stuck in the spikes, throw a Semtex at the wall next to them. Just before it explodes, shoot the 31-79 JGb215. The explosion will kill all the Zombies, and you can start the half-map train again.


Moon Trains

On Moon, the best place is to train in the Bio dome. There is a huge amount of open space in here, so wherever you run, there will be a clear space for you to run ahead in. Once an entire horde has spawned, you’ll want to bunch them. To group the Zombies up in a tight bunch, you’ll have to do a cutback past the hoard, which will effectively fold it in half. You can then shoot it with the Wave Gun or your desired weapon and repeat.


Another strategy that requires a large amount of training skill is the Tunnel 11 train. In other words, the Stamin-Up room. Start by the only window in the Stamin-up room. Once Zombies get close, slowly run around the debris in the centre of the room and, and then run to the top left of the stairs. This can be a dangerous train as Zombies drop from the ceiling. Run back to the debris in the centre of the room, and the Zombies should be pinched. Shoot them with the Wave Gun and repeat. The main advantage of this train is that it is much, much quicker than the Bio dome. Do not try this method without a Wave Gun, or a Mustang and Sally with PhD Flopper.



Don’t be afraid to try your own trains! The best way to practice is to come up with your own trains and try them out. Try in the most random of areas (but make sure it isn’t a stupidly small place – such as the Speed Cola room on Ascension or the top floor of Nacht der Untoten). Once you get good at these, You’ll have more and more manoeuvring skill to be able to pull off almost any type of train thinkable.


Another training tip – be careful killing Zombies while training. You may think it a good idea to fire a few rounds into your train as you go, but before you know it, you’ve got Zombies leaping out of windows ahead of you, waiting to block you on stairs. This is particularly dangerous during map trains, and is often a fatal mistake on Verruckt, as you have no means of killing the Zombies blocking you on higher rounds.



















Area 51

Area 51 can be considered a Zombie map of its own. When you start a game of Moon, you start in Area 51, and must take the teleporter to Moon, which will then begin round 1. At Area 51, rounds do not pass, and Zombies just continuously spawn, with increasing health every time the Nuke siren goes off. Crawlers do not have their health increased, and Hellhounds (yes, Hellhounds spawn here) have a health cap like normal. You have very limited resources here, as Zombies do not drop power-ups. All you have is your M1911 with 40 bullets, 2 Frag grenades, your knife, either the Juggernog or Speed Cola Perk, and the Pack-a-Punch machine.


Juggernog and Speed Cola at Area 51

When you start a game, either Juggernog or Speed Cola will spawn near the teleporter. Restart until you get Juggernog – Speed Cola will not help you here.

Before the first siren

Before the first Nuke siren, Zombies will be killable with one knife slash, and will lumber towards you at a slow speed. You must leap as quickly as you can from spawn to spawn as quickly as you can, trying to get as many kills before the siren, as you do not have long. You need as many points as you can get without using ammo. Once the siren goes, Zombies will begin to sprint, and you can no longer one-knife kill them.

After the first siren

Run in a circle around the centre pond. Train up as many Zombies as you can, and always knife Hellhounds when you get the chance – they are a huge nuisance later on, when they can no longer be killed, and you want as few of them chasing you as possible. Plus, you also get good points for knifing Hellhounds. Once you have a full horde as possible, cook a grenade and land it as accurately as possible in the centre of the horde.

Your job now is to knife as many as the crawlers as you can without dying. This is very risky, as you will not have Juggernog and Zombies will be spawning very quickly now.


Getting 5000 points

Once you have killed as many crawlers as you can, use your second grenade on another as full as possible horde. You won’t be able to 1-knife Hellhounds now, so keep sprinting. If you don’t they will catch up and tear your defenceless self to shreds. Use your pistol ammo, and be very accurate – missing too many shots could spell doom for you. If you run out of everything and don’t have 5000 points, consider your options. If you have a large amount of Crawlers, try knifing them to finish off the 5000. If you’re far away and have no Crawlers, you’re going to have to knife the Zombies many, many times, 10 points at a time, to save up, which will take a very long time, and is also incredibly risky. It may be better to restart at this point, assuming you haven’t died already.


If you’ve saved up 5000 points, very well done. Slam that empty M1911 into the machine and revive it into a powerful piece of equipment. Be careful – only fire one shot from one gun at a time, and do not fire it at all if you have been hit recently, by Hellhound or Zombie. Without Juggernog, you will die after 2 Zombie hits, 1 Zombie hit and 1 Hellhound hit, 3 Hellhound hits, 2 Mustang and Sally hits, 1 Zombie and Mustang and Sally hit, and 1 Hellhound and Mustang and Sally hit. Be careful. Slowly gather 2500 points by gathering up hordes and blasting them, and then run to the teleporter and get Juggernog, you can train around the teleporter to make your way back down. Now, all you have to worry about is being as efficient with your ammo as possible. The aim of Area 51 is to get as many kills as possible, without leaving. Use up all your Mustang and Sally ammo, and then suicide. Don’t quit, or go to the Moon, or else your score won’t go to the Zombie Leader boards.









Things to know



All Perk machines (including Pack-a-Punch), Teleporters, and Traps require the power to be turned on. On Nacht der Untoten, Shi no Numa, and Area 51, the power is already active. On Verruckt, Der Riese, Kino der Toten, Five, Ascension, Call of the Dead, Shangri-La and Moon, you must find the switch. It is usually in the centre of the map. Continue opening doors until you find it – on Call of the Dead, however, it is found at the top of the ship. On Shangri-La, there are 2 power switches, and both must be activated to turn the power on. The power cannot be turned off once it is on.



“I really didn’t dress for the cold…” – Sarah Michelle Gellar

On the maps Shi no Numa, Ascension, Call of the Dead, Shangri-La, and at Area 51, you can find puddles of water. Harmless as water may seem, be careful around water, as it will slow you down and prevent you from sprinting. On Call of the Dead, the water will slowly freeze your character. Your screen will get icier and icier very quickly, to the point which you cannot see a thing and are prevented from doing anything. This is dangerous if there are multiple Zombies around. To break free of the ice, a Zombie or George A. Romero must attack you, or a teammate can free you by shooting or knifing the block of ice around you.



You can repair the barricades over windows slowly, and you will earn 10 points per board. There is a cap on how many points you can obtain from repairing windows each round. Most windows have 6 boards, but some have many more. One window on Verruckt, which is made of stone, and will repair itself out of stone, has more than 10 pieces that need to be thrown off by the Zombies before they can enter. On “Five”, barriers that are originally made of glass are repaired with boards. If you get a carpenter, and there has never been a board on that window, it will repair itself with glass.

Musical Easter Eggs

“Yea, yea, found the song, whatever.” – Dempsey

Each map has a musical Easter egg. These can be turned on by activating various items around the map.

Kino der Toten

The Kino der Toten song is called “115” and is sung by Elena Siegman. It can be activated by holding the use button on the 3 pieces of the meteor found around the map. One is in the spawn room under the balcony, one is in the dressing room by a mannequin, and the other is on some shelves in the back room.


The “Five” song is “Won’t Back Down” by Eminem, and features the singer P!nk. The song can be activated by holding the use button on the 3 telephones around the map. One is in the spawn near the quick revive, one is next to the power switch, and the other is in the Pack-a-Punch room. This song will not play if you have graphic content disabled.

Nacht der Untoten

The Nacht der Untoten song is called “Undone” and is an instrumental track by Kevin Sherwood. It can be activated by blowing up enough red barrels around the map.


The Verruckt song is called “Lullaby for a Dead Man” and is sung by Elena Siegman. It is activated my holding the use button on the left-most toilet in the STG-44 room 3 times.

Shi no Numa

The Shi no Numa song is called “The One” and is sung by Elena Siegman. It is activated by holding the use button on the telephone in the comm room.

Der Riese

The Der Riese song is called “Beauty of Annihilation” and is sung by Elena Siegman. It is activated by holding the use button on the 3 green jars around the map. Two are found in the M1879 Trench gun room by the stairs, and one is found in the Type 100 room, next to the window right of the left of the teleporter.



The Ascension song is called “Abracadavare” and is sung by Elena Siegman. It is activated by holding the use button on the three sickle-holding teddy bears around the map. One is in the spawn room by the Olympia. One is near the Stamin-Up lander, behind a fence on the outside of the map. The last is found perched on a wall near the Speed Cola lander.

Call of the Dead

The Call of the Dead song is called “Not Ready to Die” by Avenged Sevenfold. It is activated by holding the use button on the 3 pieces of the meteor around the map. One is in the spawn room, near the very spawn place of the players, one is on a couch in the front part of the ship, and the last is found near the PhD Flopper machine near the lighthouse.


The Shangri-La song is called “Pareidolia” and is sung by Elena Siegman. It is activated by holding the use button on the 3 pieces of the meteor around the map. One is in the spawn room near the back. The second is found on the Mud Pit side of the rope bridge, on a small ledge that Zombies jump down from. The last is found on a plank on the ground in the Semtex room.


The Moon song is called “Coming Home” and is sung by Elena Siegman. It is activated by holding the use button on the 3 teddy bears in Astronaut helmets around the map. One is underneath the spawn room, near the Jump Pad. One is found in the airlock between the power switch and Tunnel 6. The last is in a hole in the wall near Stamin-Up.


“If my calculations are correct, that diggy thingy is coming to fudge US UP!” – Richtofen

Excavators are giant saw blades that breach normally un-breachable areas of the map, decompressing them, resulting in no gravity or oxygen. These can be a real pain, but can be prevented. To de-activate an Excavator, you must run to the spawn room with a hacker. You must then hack one of the 3 Excavator controls which is glowing green. This will reward you 1,000 points and ward off the Excavator. If the drill breaches, you cannot repair the damage, and the area will be breached for the rest of the game. If you run into an Excavator, you down instantly.

If both the Tunnel 6 and Tunnel 11 Excavators manage to breach at the same time, and you are on the spawn room side of them without a hacker, you are 100% stuck. The only way to get around, is to cast yourself from the top of the cliff (or down and bleed out, but the jumping is quicker) and respawn on the other side. You can then take a hacker from the labs, use the Area 51 teleporter to get back to the spawn room, and deactivate the Excavators. This does unfortunately result in you losing all your weapons and perks, and if you are in solo, one of your quick revives.


No Gravity Environments

“Suffocating… on the Moon… *GASP* Zombies… disappear… into the Gloom… *GASP* - Nikolai

On Moon, all outdoor areas (and all decompressed areas) have no Oxygen. You have approximately 15 seconds without air before you down. To survive, you must wear a P.E.S, which can be taken from the spawn room, and all airlocks located around the map. The P.E.S is an astronaut suit which allows you to breathe in no oxygen areas. When the power is off, nowhere on the map will have Oxygen, so it must be turned on before you may take a hacker. In no gravity areas, you will have a much increased jump height, dolphin dive distance, and Zombies will float towards you instead of running. Try very hard to keep all windows and areas from being decompressed, as it can ruin good training spots, and can cause very big inconvenience when using the hacker – it is almost impossible to take a Hacker from the bottom floor up to the Bio dome if Zombies are spawning.



“Takeo is warrior… not, Engineer…” –Takeo

The Hacker is equipment that will go in the same slot as your P.E.S, so you may only have one at a time. The Hacker is used to do many things, from swapping the cost of Advanced ammo with regular wall gun ammo, to re-rolling the Mystery Box, to opening doors cheaply, to repairing windows, even closing off the pack-a-punch machine for a brief minute or two to help you catch your breath. It can only be taken by one person at a time, however, if two people take the hacker at the same second, you will both end up with one. The Hacker can be found on either of the levels of the Laboratories.



Errors are the horror-stories that get told around the campfires of Zombies players. Errors happen when your system gets overwhelmed, or something bad happens, and it ends your game prematurely. Some errors include:



If to many entities are on the map at once, the game will crash and send you back to the menu. An entity involves anything that isn’t uninteractive map scenery. Zombies, Players, Bullets, The Mystery Box, Perk machies, other enemies, Traps, Claymores/Spikemores/Betties, The Power Switch, The launching Ascension rocket, grenades, anything that does something – is an entity. G_Spawns commonly happen when a large amount of Claymores are stockpiled for a long time.



If your game runs for too long, your console will not be able to handle it. Resets are known to happen when people make it into the high hundreds. Their game will freeze for a split second, and they will be returned to the loading screen, and will find themselves back on round 1 of the map they were playing. This is the only reason round 200 took so long for the first person to achieve.


Other Glitches


If a Zombie stays alive for too long, it will despawn. This usually involves the Zombie dropping dead on the spot. However, another Zombie will respawn to take its place (in most cases) and will not help you to advance rounds.


Zombies not spawning

Sometimes you may find yourself with an empty map, devoid of Zombies. This is a rare glitch that has been recorded on a few maps, namely Der Riese. The only way to advance to the next round, or to get the Zombies spawning again, is to pick up a Nuke. If you’re on Der Riese, you’ll have to hit the teleporters until one spawns. If you aren’t, you don’t really have a choice other than to restart the game. However, if you wait long enough, the Zombie that refuses to enter the map may despawn and get the rest of the Zombies spawning again.



Being “Treyarched” is a term referring to when your weapon does not fire, even though it makes the firing animation. This does not happen with bullet weapons. It is very annoying, as you can die if cornered, and wastes ammunition otherwise. For example, you are cornered with your Thundergun. You blast your Thundergun at the Zombies, the wave of air passes over them – and nothing happens. The Zombies keep coming at you, and if you need to reload your Thundergun, you’ve no chance, and you down. Nobody is really sure why this glitch happens. Some say it only happens on PS3 consoles, but this has not been confirmed.















That’s all there is to Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies. 10 epic maps, hundreds of strategies (don’t be scared to come up with your own trains!), incredibly destructive weapons, and masses of undead laying at your feet, put to rest once again. Now all you have to do is convince your friends to play Zombies with you. But good luck dragging them away from multiplayer.



Credit to “Pishizor” for the “Five” window changing strategy, the Verruckt map train strategy, and the Ascension Pack-a-Punch room strategy.

Credit to “Matomaster21” for the Kino der Toten alleyway strategy, the Nacht der Untoten spawn room strategy, and the Area 51 strategy.

Credit to “Yoteslaya” for the Shi no Numa Comm room strategy.

Credit to “Letscubeatavoodoo” for showing me the Der Riese STG-44 room train. What a wicked game of Zombies, man.

Credit to “Syndicate Project” for the Call of the Dead beach strategy.


Rest in Piece Yoteslaya. You’re going down as a Zombies legend. I’m just glad you lasted until Origins was released, even if that isn’t much to take happiness from. Best wishes to your family, and Nova, and I hope your kids can live happy lives in memory of Yoteslaya the Zombie Slaya.


Shoutout to my favourite Zombie players; Pishizor, MatoMaster21, and TheRelaxingEnd. I really hope you guys get the chance to make more Zombies videos. You guys have all inspired me to become better at Zombies, and helped heaps with your strategies.


Shoutout to my man Letscubeatavoodoo for- being the greatest Zombies partner I’ve ever jammed with. I’ll bet you’re having a mean time in South Africa right now, live it up! See you at EC 2014!

And my bois (PSN names) DisablingOrb63, Techn1kz_, and Seanington313. You guys are half my Zombie co-op leaderboards!


Shoutout to the kings at Treyarch who made Zombies for us! Where would we be without it?


Written by PSN ArmY_oF_On-E

AKA Army of One


Created Tuesday 21/4/14 8:24am

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Great I'll get this added tomorrow :wink: .



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21 april uwot?? nice guide, anyone wanna zombie??

That's meant to say 21/1/14 O_o

I can't edit this because it says content too long. Idk how I got it to fit in one post

Edited by Army of One

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Obviously a lot of work went into this. Nice, Army. I can't get passed wave 5 solo without dying because... well, putting it bluntly, I suck. :P


Those wave 7 jumping things always get me. Always.....

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Obviously a lot of work went into this. Nice, Army. I can't get passed wave 5 solo without dying because... well, putting it bluntly, I suck. :P


Those wave 7 jumping things always get me. Always.....

Wave 7 Jumping things? Which map are you talking about? Die Rise? Cause thats a Black Ops II map

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Obviously a lot of work went into this. Nice, Army. I can't get passed wave 5 solo without dying because... well, putting it bluntly, I suck. :P


Those wave 7 jumping things always get me. Always.....

Wave 7 Jumping things? Which map are you talking about? Die Rise? Cause thats a Black Ops II map

Yeah I think so. Most of the zombies I've played was Blops2.

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Obviously a lot of work went into this. Nice, Army. I can't get passed wave 5 solo without dying because... well, putting it bluntly, I suck. :P


Those wave 7 jumping things always get me. Always.....

Wave 7 Jumping things? Which map are you talking about? Die Rise? Cause thats a Black Ops II map

Yeah I think so. Most of the zombies I've played was Blops2.


Yeah, Black Ops 1 guide here. If you want to make it past round 5, I really should write up low-round strategies for maps - not many people know what to do, and the strategies are different for every map. #1 tip: check your six!

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Obviously a lot of work went into this. Nice, Army. I can't get passed wave 5 solo without dying because... well, putting it bluntly, I suck. :P


Those wave 7 jumping things always get me. Always.....

Wave 7 Jumping things? Which map are you talking about? Die Rise? Cause thats a Black Ops II map

Yeah I think so. Most of the zombies I've played was Blops2.


Yeah, Black Ops 1 guide here. If you want to make it past round 5, I really should write up low-round strategies for maps - not many people know what to do, and the strategies are different for every map. #1 tip: check your six!

Yeah I don't know what it is, I just lose concentration at the wrong times. Looking behind me is my main problem, if you were to ask my friends... That and reloading.

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