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Long ago, a since-gone forum member started a topic to construct a grand fake. The denizen of Sal's Realm's Screenshot Fakes worked tirelessly to create a masterpiece that would outshine many fakes of the time. However, much to the dismay of those involved and those who anticipated the result, the project was abandoned. Remnants of its active age were forgotten... That is, until somebody remembered it while eating cereal two days ago.


I present to you, after years of waiting, DScape. Or DSscape, or something, I don't know.


Spoiler'd to ensure that the animation begins when you see it. At least, I hope that's how it works.





The fake's success can be attributed to all who participated in Kyra's original topic. The greatest contributors other than myself include Kyra10987 and Ewout. Smaller contributions came from Lonelywolf (im gona bill murray ur mom), Admiral, Hunter (iAntilopi), and WolfieMario and Randomness (in the form of advice).

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0/10 Armor graphics are outdated!!!


Nah nice going. Always nice to see something new here. I get Eureka moments eating cereal too. ^Shooter how is your fake going?

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I thought you meant you were doing your own fake.


No grade for you.


It's good though.

Edited by Amber Pyre

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^I don't mean to brag, but I made the vast majority of contributions within that topic as well -.-. The only things of necessity were Kyra for starting the project and making sprite outlines, and Ewout for making the original armored sprite. He also made the gnome, who is seated there quite nonchalantly.

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