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For those who do not know, Old School Runescape just had its 1 year birthday. To celebrate they released Prifddinas... sort of. To quote the forum topic:

To celebrate Old School's first birthday, the Lumbridge Guide has convinced the Elves to open the gates of Prifddinas and hold a party. You see, the Lumbridge Guide kept hearing how players wanted to visit the city, but as the Elves were far too distracted by writing poetry, making music and other wussy things they never got around to building it. The Lumbridge Guide thinks that if there is a massive party in Prifddinas the Elves might realise what they are missing and actually start building the city.


I was bored earlier today and thought I would check it out. Here are some pictures of what is probably not a sign of things to come for the main game, but still fun!







Various reference to inside jokes, this is one of them.










There is a place where they have 2006 graphics of monsters. I liked it as I missed these monsters.





Our Ice Age brethren made the trip!











The rewards. For those who do not know, the war ship is actually one of the rarest items in the main game. It was only accessible to in Runescape Classic and was the ability to attain it was removed. The items stayed however. They are not tradeable which is why nobody is selling them for a ton of money.

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This is a pretty good idea, I laughed at some of images. I like the Doomsayer and also K'ril Tsuaroth


Also who is Dominic Onion

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Glad you guys like it; this was pretty much my only bright spot yesterday. :unsure:

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