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Well Sal emailed me and blackmailed me to sign back on to say hey. So hey...


6 years ago I joined Sal's, kept up a skiller log, was a regular member of the CC, and jumped around on like 20 different pure and skiller accounts in the game. They were the best of times, tried to get back into the game recently but it just wasn't happening. I'll probably never forget Sal's though and the good times I spent cruising the forums. I kept more to the Runescape-related forums though so most of you probably don't remember me. If you do you might know me by Or Eat Pies, or simply Pies.


Anyway since I left I went off to college, majoring in engineering, quit half way through because my parents were paying my way through and I didn't want to burden them any longer and followed my childhood dream of joining the military. I joined the Air Force and now I'm stationed in California. Not necessarily my favorite place but it could be worse. Oh and no I do not fly planes lol. My job actually has nothing to do with them.


Keep on keeping on Sal's! Got some great memories here.




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My bad I should have specified U.S. Air Force. :P Forgot there's people on here from other places as well. A few of your names are horribly familiar! Glad to see you guys are still at it. Does anyone know if Finisterra still plays/uses the forum? He's one of the good friends I really remember.

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